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Name: Rane
Age: around 300
Weight: 120
Height: 5'3"
Race: Dragon
Bio: Rane is the daughter of Jade. She has just started out in life, forced to take lessons on being future queen of the dragon city. One day, Rane met a girl called Akira, who was from another world. At first they were wary and fought one another out of fear, but soon ran into each other again and again. Soon a friendship was born, and soon after that, a romance. Now Rane puts off some of her studies to sneak off with Akira.

Appearance: She has pixie cut cropped hair the color of a khaki tan, bright pink eyes, and mocha skin. She is short, has a slender figure, and looks to be about fourteen. Her dragon form has tan-khaki colored scales, and the velvet of her wings is the color of her skin. She stands about ten to twenty feet tall in dragon form.