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Lost Another Friend
On Monday, September 16, 2013 our 19 year old black domestic longhair kitty passed away. Her passing was peaceful, she just laid down and never got back up. While I'm very happy that her ending was a very good one, she will be missed very much. She is survived by Thor, a 9 year old black domestic short-hair Bombay mix that she and her sister Winnie (1996-2010) helped me raise when he was thrown out of a car and into our backyard as a kitten. Mitzy was adopted in 1997 from a petsmart Adopt a Pet program in Irvine California after her original owner passed away. She was an awesome kitty with no health problems (thank moof) and incredible loyalty. One year our apartment was set on fire by some negligent workmen and she fled. We didn't see her for 4 days, even with desperate searching. We assumed she either went feral or was taken by coyotes. When we opened up the apartment and went back in to assess the damage, she came running in from the nearby wash ravine with purrs and silent meows. Mitzy had been waiting for us to return even though cats can go feral in about 3 days if left to their own devices and the area was thick with predators. She and Winnie became fast friends after this incident, even though they had been somewhat indifferent, if not slightly hostile to each-other beforehand. She had very quiet, crackly meows, loved blue buffalo kitty treats, and always made friends with our rodents.