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The lost Vixen
Out in the busy city, it was a stormy day, been raining for a few days actually. Many choose to go inside but for those forced to go out in this rain storm for work or other reasons, they would be bundled in jackets and have umbrellas. But for one unlucky soul, this was not the case. A vixen, sitting down in a dark alley, her home being a large cardboard box that could hardly hold in the rain that dripped on her. She was completely without clothing, her only warmth coming from a lantern she came across and her fur which was mostly soaked. On her neck was a collar, and a tag on it with the name scratched out as if she ran away from someone who owned her, which was exactly the case.No one would care for her tough, since her kind was looked down upon and treated like animals. The vixen was forced to curl up in her box home, tail wrapped around her body in an attempt to get warm. That was when thunder and lightning cracked in the sky, causing large flashes and booms to roar through the stormy clouds. It frightened her, and the wind and rain made her cold, on the verge of becoming sick if she didn't get to a good warm place anytime soon.

(( Now with this scenario, you can be a kind gentle human, running from the storm and you happen to stumble upon her box with her inside, and you take her home to take care of her, this would be the more romantic approach. For the more smut approach, you could find her, and make her into your own pet, mold her however you want, she will be willing since she has a good home.))

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