‘Go get it…go get it!? YOU GO GET IT!!!’
That was exactly what Asami wanted to say to Slade when he gave her his order. Invading Titans Tower…easier said than done! The reason…well for starters…it’s situated on an island in the middle of the bay so getting there would be difficult and escaping before she had her butt kicked by every member of the Titans would be impossible! If by some miracle, Asami did manage to sneak into the tower, there were probably high tech security systems and everything (courtesy of Cyborg of course)! Then there would be the problem of navigating through the entire, freakin’ tower trying to find this stupid amulet without being caught! Any thief would know that to steal from Titans Tower IS SUICIDE!!!!!
Then again…there really was nothing she could do…Asami had her orders and she had to fulfill them no matter what. Even if it was for a job she didn’t want to do…and in this case, she reaaaallly didn’t want to do this job.
Morning broke as streams of sunlight poured through the window and into Asami’s room. She had spent the whole night figuring out ways of entering and exiting the tower undetected…coming up with zilch of course. As dawn arrived, she finally decided just to stake out the building from the beach and figure out easy ways to travel to and fro. Good thing it was Saturday which meant that she had the whole day and the next day to waste. Slipping into her usual outfit which consisted of a white button up shirt with a red tie, maroon vest and red pleated skirt as well as a pair of white socks and brown slip-on shoes, Asami hurried out her front door only to immediately trip and fall flat on her face, ‘I swear to God…whatever I tripped over better be dead…’ she though irritably, a vein twitching in her forehead.
What she tripped over was very much alive as a green furred dog sat facing her, its tail wagging in an excited fashion. Before she could react, the dog suddenly changed into Beast Boy causing the girl to yelp loudly and back away in a slight panic, “Hey Asami!” he said in a cheerful voice while the girl composed herself and got to her feet.
“Ah…hi…Beast Boy right?” she asked and he nodded, “Nice to see you again…how…did you find where I lived?” she asked slowly as he grinned.
“I walked you home last night remember?”
Asami hoped that shape shifting was the only thing this guy was able to do…if he was a mind reader, he’d be shocked by the string of cursing swirling through Asami’s mind at that moment, “I-I’m sorry but is there anything I can help you with?” she asked slowly and yelped again when he grabbed her arm.
“It’s Saturday! I thought we could hang out today!” he cried still somehow excited and before Asami could even cry:
“H-hey! Wait!” he was pulling her down the sidewalk.

And that was how she found herself sitting across from him in the local pizza place, “So…you hungry? I can get us some-” he started in hopes of striking up a conversation.
“I don’t eat.” Asami cut across him stiffly as she sipped the soda in front of her and sighed at the confused look on his face, “I don’t really need to eat…” she explained pointing to herself, “I can easily go two weeks without any food or water.”
Once again there was an awkward silence as the two sipped their sodas, “So Terra-” she heard Beast Boy said.
"Huh? My name's Asami remember?" but before she could say anything else, an employee had begun walking towards them carrying a large pizza with what looked like a vegetarian topping.
‘Figures…he’s a shape shifter…looks like meat isn’t his favorite food.’ She thought dully but yelped when the employee suddenly tripped sending the steaming hot food flying towards them.
Just before it landed, the pizza stopped in midair. Amazed, Beast Boy turned to stare at Asami who’s right arm was outstretched and who’s hand was spread out almost like she was holding something. That was when his eyes traveled to the shadows on the floor and his amazement was even clearer on his face. The pizza’s shadow was resting perfectly on her hand’s shadow. Asami drew a slow breath and began to move her hand up which at the same time caused the food to rise in the air until it was resting safely on the table, “That was so cool!” Beast Boy cried while Asami wiped her forehead.
‘It is too early for this…’ she thought irritably, now upset that she had just revealed part of her powers to someone.
When the boy suddenly stuck his face so it was an inch a way from hers, she couldn’t help but scoot back slightly, “What else can you do!?” he demanded eagerly as she sighed.
This was exactly why she didn’t like showing off her abilities. As a vein twitched in her forehead at the barrage of begging and pleading from the green shape shifter, Asami leaned forward and motioned for him to do the same which he did eagerly. However the only thing he received was a poke to the forehead, “None. Of. Your. Business.” She answered simply snagging a slice of pizza for herself.
Even though it was true that she didn't really need to eat, it didn't mean she didn't enjoy doing so from time to time. ‘He called me Terra though…’ she thought remembering the name he had just used, ‘I know that name…where have I heard it…’ she wondered and opened her mouth to ask when he grabbed her arm once again.
“Come on!” he said excitedly and pulled her out of the pizza place.
“Quit dragging me around everywhere!!!”