<i>The birds begin to hum a sweet sounding tune
I know it all too well for I used to hum it too.
The day has begun...
but the nightmare inside me lives on.

Everyday the hatred inside me grows
everyday the pain I feel hurts more and more and more.
Everything that I've come to know shall vanish in a haze.

When I lay my head to rest...
the creatures inside me feed.
They feed on my fear
they feed on my pain
they hunger for more.

Most days I wonder how I manage to stay so strong
but I suppose since I've made it this far
I've learned to live and move on.

These demons I fight inside me
I hope someday will be taken away.
Bring me peace and angels
and take away the pain.

Help me forget
help me forgive.
Give me the key to the cage of monsters
and let them be set free.
For they just wish to be free
for all I've ever wanted...
is to be free...

Free from this torment
free from the lies
free of my past that haunts me
for I cannot live on.

Everything I've kept inside
locked up for all these years
is bound to exploded
so let go of this hold
it's time to run and hide...

Hide from me when I've begun to explode
for it shall not be a decent sight
I wish to expel all these demons to Hell
and be free forever...

And once I am free
I will be happy with my victory
and I shall once more
begin to hum the tune that played on everyday
when the day has come
I shall hum the morning birds song.</i>

[written by me on August 6, 2013]