Hey all! Sorry for not being around too much lately. School started and I've been busy! Anyways enjoy this year's Horror story for me!

Title Of Story: Over The Edge. Genre: Sci-fi/ Horror. Rated: M for Mature!
Zoey!" Mia yelled as her girlfriend came into sight.

The Cherry Red furred-Grey under bellied Fox turned her head, to see her lover running her way.

"Mia, are you okay?" Zoey asked when the other female reached her with tear filled eyes.

"NO! THEY'RE COMING! THEY'RE GONNA GET US WE GO-" However The Green-Eyed, White furred, and Short Tailed Fox did not get to finish her sentence... When they appeared.

Five male Foxes from their pack walked out from behind the bushes, and surrounded the female couple with evil smirks on their faces.

"Hey it's the messed up gays again!"Said a rather Skinny, And Orange-Number Five Fox.

"Yeah!I bet they even get a thrill from just seeing random female animals move!" Another Number-Five Fox laughed.

Mia growled loudly as her eyes grew wide with madness reaching their every area.

"AWW! What's wrong, Gays? Can't take jokes!" All Number-Five Foxes barked in unison.

"HEY! THAT'S ENOUGH!"Yelled three voices from behind.

Suddenly The Five Foxes turned their heads to see Emily, Noah, and Rusty approaching.

"Oh thank goodness..." Zoey thought. She knew now that her and Mia were safe for sure.

"Well, Well, Well! If it isn't the family coming just in time to help their damsels in distress!" The Orange Number-Five Fox laughed.


"Alright! We're going!" The Group said together as they walked away, but still talked about the female couple and made sure their voices were loud enough for the other Foxes to hear.

"Those boys are ********," Mia muttered under her breath.

"I hate them! Those Foxes are horrible!" Zoey added, while Noah, Emily, and Rusty padded up to them.

"I agree! Are you okay though, Sis?" Noah questioned with conceren written all over his face.

"Yeah I'm fine," Answered The Cherry And Grey Colored Female.

"Good," The Dark Green-Eyed Male responded.

"Alright let's get back to the den! I think I speak for all of us, when I say we've all had enough drama for today,"Emily added in.

"Indeed you do, Mother," Rusty replied as Mia nodded in agreement.

Then the group set out of their home and hoped that tomorrow would be better.
-The Next Day-
"We really need to put a stop to those gay jokes! There's nothing wrong with loving the same gender! It's time those Number-Five Foxes who's boss!" Noah barked.

"I agree, but we've gotta show those Foxes who's boss in a good way... Like if we did something to prove that gays and lesbian are fine... Maybe then they'll finally see the truth,"Emily said.

"Sounds good!But what could we do?" The Black Furred And White Under Bellied Fox asked.

"I'm not sure yet... But we'll think of something," Replied The Cherry Red, Grey Spotted, Long and Curly Tailed, Light-Lemoned-Eyed Girl Fox.

"Alright," Noah sighed as he hoped everything would work out... The teasing and the jokes were getting real old to him...

"Hey you two! Good morning!" A Voice Greeted From Behind.

The two Foxes who were talking turned their heads, to see Rusty padding out of the den and up to them.

"Morning,"Emily And Rusty responded in unison.

"Oh my goodness! Rusty you really know how to cuddle! Why last night was awesome, Baby,"Noah purred.

"I'm glad! Cause ya know they do say I'm quite the cuddler!" Rusty smirked, leaning in to kiss his boyfriend on the lips.

Then the male couple shared a passionate kiss and as they broke apart, the two Foxes smiled at each other lovingly.

"Aww! You guys are so adorable!" Emily squeaked.

"They're not as cute as us, Moma!" Mia howled, with Zoey nodding in agreement with her lady.

"I know, I know!" Replied The Middle-Aged Kitsune.

"You'd better! Or we'd have to show ya just how dang cute we are!" Zoey giggled.

"There's no way you could be cuter than us! It's just... Way too impossible!" Rusty snarled playfully.

"Oh I doubt that!"Mia laughed as she grinned from ear to ear. It was so much fun playing around!

"Okay you four! Come on let's go hunting! It's almost time for breakfast," Emily put in.

"Right behind ya, Mom!" Rusty responded, moving beside his sister.

"Hey, Mia... This cuteness battle isn't over!" The Grey Furred-Light Blue-Eyed And Long Bushy-Tailed Fox whispered.

"Then it is... ON!" Mia whispered back in her brother's ear.
-Later That Day-
After the hunt and they had their meal, the little Fox Family went off to have fun and relax.

"It's so nice out today! I'm loving it so much!" Mia cheered.

"Same here, Sweetness," Zoey said as she sighed in content.

"So what now?" Mia asked.

"Well maybe w-"However Zoey did not get to finish her sentence, when a loud cry for help stormed through the air.

"That sounds like Rusty! Oh my god my brother!" Mia barked as she took off, in the direction of the crying voice.

"Oh my gosh... Please be okay," The female sister Fox thought, running to her blood-bro.

"NOAH! GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!" Screamed The Dark Green-Eyed Fox.

"Please, Darling calm down! I'm trying to think of something..."Noah managed to choke out.

The two had dared each other to climb atop a lose branch on a tree, that hung out over the rushing river, and now if they were not careful it would snap, and send poor Rusty into the waves of death!

"Okay, Babe... Stay still I'm gonn-" Once again speaking was discontinued, when Mia and Zoey came running up to the tree.

"WHAT HAPPENED!?" The Cherry-Colored Fox hissed, as she glared at Noah.

"It wasn't my fault! We were both doing it... It was a dare!" The Male Kitsune cried.


"YES PLEASE SAME ME!" Screamed The Other Male Kitsune.

However before anyone could a thing... The branch snapped and The Grey Furred-Blue-Eyed, And Bushy-Tailed Fox into the racing river.

"RUSTY! NO!"The Four Foxes yelped in unison, before jumping into the water together to save their other.

Meanwhile Emily was walking along side the river, when she froze as she saw Rusty, Noah, Mia, and Zoey being carried away by the water.

"OH MY GOD!"Yelled The Middle-Aged Fox, leaping into the river and going after the younger Foxes.

"DON'T WORRY, KIDS! I'M COMING!" Emily added as she tried her best to swim.

IT'S A WATERFALL! WE'RE GONNA DIE!" Zoey growled, when a edge came into sight.

After that... The group was taken by the water, over what they thought was a waterfall...

As they went over the edge... The Foxes fell from the the edge and then saw a the side of the earth, but where there was supposed to be more planet... There was nothing it was missing... Moments later everything went black.

"Uh... My head," Noah managed to choke out as he awoke.

"A-Are you okay, Noah?" Emily questioned weakly. She appeared to have already woken up.

"Yeah I'm okay,"The Boy Fox Answered, standing up with the older Fox.

"We're okay too!"Mia, Rusty, and Zoey barked in unison from the left.

The three were still laying on the group, but then made an effort to stand on all four paws.

"Well we're all alive! Now then... Where the hell are we?" Emily groaned.

"It seems to be a cave! We must've ended up inside somehow when we went over the falls,"Mia pointed out.

"Um, Girls..." Noah and Rusty breathed when he realized the outside of the cave, was right behind them... But what was out there... Wasn't normal.

"Yeah! We just gotta find the exit and we-" Sadly Emily didn't to finish when the male couple cut her off.

"GIRLS!" Noah and Rusty howled together.

Then the female Foxes turned their heads and saw the impossible... Outside of the cave where they were... Was outer space. The sky was jet black, they could see the planets in the distance... The stars that shined like gold, and the comets that traveled through the land.

"WE'RE IN SPACE! HOW THE ******** DID WE GET HERE!?" Mia cried with fear written all over her eyes.

"I DON'T KNOW!"Noah, Zoey, and Rusty screamed in unison.

"HEY! YONGSTERS! CALM DOWN, PLEASE!" Emily snapped loudly.

Hearing the order in her voice the group settled down, and the older Fox spoke again.

"Now listen... I know you all are scared. I'm scared too! But we gotta stay calm because we need to figure out what to do. So let's just go walk around the cave for a while... Okay?" Emily said.

"Okay..." Replied The Young Foxes.

"Alrightly then! Let's get a move on," The Older-Female Fox sighed, leading the way into the dark paths of the space cave.

As the family walked along the dark cave... All that they could hear was the noise of their paw-steps, but as they kept going the sound of a moan rung through out their ears.

"What is that?" Mia gulped, hiding after Zoey.

"No idea... But we're about to find out," The Mother Fox responded as she saw what was moaning.

A body was laying in the corner of the path, that the Fox Family was currently walking on

Going up to the body... The Five Kitsunes realized that it was one of them! Another Fox!

It was a male Fox... About Emily's age. And he was injured badly... Both of his dark brown ears were laying on the ground in blood... Two holes on the sides of his head where the ears were, appeared to be bleeding.

One of his dark red eyes were laying on the ground... His other was still attached to him.

His black fur was ripped nearly to shreds... It laid there on the ground as well cover in blood. Most of his body now all just pink skin. Even his black tail fur was gone.

"Other Foxes..." Said the dying Male-Fox as he looked at the group.

"You must get to the end of the cave... Make there alive... It'll get you back to earth... The part of the planet missing is said to be there. I tried getting to it... To get home, but I couldn't! Because of Them... They stopped me... Watch out for Them, but most importantly watch out for The C... It's the most dangerous one I've seen here..." The Cut Up, and Bruised Fox finished, before his eyes shut and heaven took him away.

"Them? The C?... What was he talking about?" Rusty asked.

"I think he was talking about monsters or something! Didn't see him? No normal animal on earth could do that damage!" Mia hissed.

"You're right, Mia... We're in space and that means facing things that we seen haven't before..." Noah agreed.

Then the Foxes were on their way... Wondering what 'Them' And 'The C' looked like.

"So do you think there's food or water in here? I need water a nice meal so badly!" Noah howled.

"I don't know, Noahs... We're in Outer Space," Rusty sighed nervously.

However before anyone could say anything else, the group froze when they saw what was standing not even five paws ahead of them.

It was some kind of monster... It's body was all black. It had black eyes. It's belly had huge chunks of fat dangling off of it, and it's head was turned side ways to the left, as it blinked it's eyes slowly at the Foxes... It's mouth didn't open. And it's legs were long, with three claws on each with two long arms that also had claws.

"W-What is that?" Zoey whispered as her whole figure shook uncontrollably.

"I don't know, but don't ******** move... Any of you," Emily growled quietly.

The group just stood there... Quiet as mouses trying to get around a cat, while the monster just stayed in the same position.

And then... The sound of footsteps shot through the cave... Two more monsters came into view and stood beside of the all black and fat on.

Both were walking, but only one was on all fours... The first had a head, but no ears, no mouth, and no nose... It had grey skin, expect for it's curled up black tail... And it's three parts that hung below it's area... A long p***s, with one huge ball on each side of it. Then to top it all off... The balls and the p***s were all dark red, as it's four grey legs had long claws on each foot.

The other monster had an all brown body, a short tail, long brown legs that were thin like twigs, it didn't have any feet or claws, but what it did have was thirteen black testicals on it's face and sides of it's head with brown eyes, a brown nose and a mouth.

Then all at once... The three monsters charged at the Foxes who screamed loudly.

"RUN AROUND THEM AND FOLLOW ME!" The Middle-Aged Fox yelled, trying to lead the four younger Kitsunes to safety.

Rusty, Noah, Zoey and Mia all ran as fast as they could, but Noah felt something grab him and felt himself being held against a huge piece of fat. Knowing that it was the monster with the fat hanging off of it, The Male Fox bit down hard on the chunk, that made the horrible thing drop him and roar in pain.

After that The Fox Family were able to get to another path in the cave, and then ran down another one to make sure they had lost the danger.

"Okay... I think we lost them..." Mia managed to choke out.

"So that's them as in the creatures that dying Fox was talking about?"Rusty added, taking Noah into his arms.

"Yeah I don't see what else those could've been! But then again... That Fox didn't tell us too much about 'The C' either,"Emily replied.

"Well I say it was Them!" Zoey and Mia chimed in together.

"Yeah I agree..."Noah said slowly.

Then the group continued to talk about the monsters, then moved on to the subject about how they could've possibly gotten into the space cave, from just falling off of Earth, how the piece of the Earth fell off in the first place... And how it had gotten to the back of the cave, how could they breathe in this cave when it's in outer space? And how did the dying Fox know it had been said, for the Chunk of their planet to be in the back. No one could come up with a reasonable explanation though and just decided that there are things they weren't meant to understand.

And after that The Foxes laid down to rest, hoping that they'd make it back home.
-Five Hours Later-
Shortly after resting, The Family had fallen asleep, but Mia and Emily awoke before the others and began to talk while they slept.

"Okay so we're just gonna walk the paths... And hope we end up getting to the back of the cave?" Zoey questioned.

"Yeah I mean it's not like we have a map or something. We can only hope that we'll get there," Sighed the motherly Fox.

"What if we split up for a while? We may be able to find the back faster. I'd go with Mia and you could go with Rusty and Noah," The Cherry Red Furred- Grey Under bellied Fox suggested.

"That's a pretty good idea! We'll tell the others when they wake up," The Grey Spotted, And Red Furred Fox, with Lemon-Colored Eyes replied.

"Shouldn't we just get them up now? It might be better if we get a move on soon," Zoey pointed out.

"You're right let's go steal them from dreamland," Emily said, as she started to walk over to Rusty and Noah who were cuddling.

"Alright, Boys! Get up," The Older Fox purred quietly, leaning down and nuzzling the younger Foxes.

"We're up, we're up!" Noah yawned as Rusty opened his eyes.

"Do we have to get up now?!" Mia added in a groan.

"Yes, Sweetie we do!" Zoey smirked as she bent down and kissed her girlfriend on the lips.

"Fine..." Mia grumbled sitting up.

"Now listen you three! Zoey and I have been talking, and well we've decided It'll be faster to find the back of the cave if we split up, so that way we can get home sooner! So Noah and Rusty you two will come with me, Mia you'll go with Zoey," Emily explained.

"I'm in for that plan! But how would we find each other again, if we need help?" Rusty asked.

"We really haven't thought of that..." Zoey trailed off.

"Well um... I'm sure we'll all be fine! Besides the sooner we split up the sooner we get home!" Emily barked.

"You're right! Let's go then!" Noah squeaked up.

"Yes let's!" Mia agreed.

And with that the group split up... Praying that they wouldn't run into any of them or The C.

"So... What happens if we find the back of the cave? Would we stay there and wait for everyone else?" Mia asked.

"Oh that's simple! You'd wait in the back and I'd get the others!" Zoey answered.

"How wonderful..."The Cherry Red Furred-Gray Under bellied Orange Eyed-And Curly Tailed Fox muttered.

"Don't worry though! I wouldn't leave you alone if I didn't feel you'd be safe," The White Furred-Dark Green-Eyed, And Short Tailed Fox pointed out.

"Good to know you love me that much," Mia replied as she blushed.

"Of course I do, Sweetie Pie! I love you so very much!" Zoey responded, smiling at her girlfriend.

Hours passed after The Foxes began their mission to get back home, but there was still no sign of the back of the cave.

Then it got to the point where Mia and Zoey had to stop walking. Their paws ached from hours of movement so they definitely needed some rest.

"I hate it when I try so hard to do something, and in the end I still haven't done it because it's so damn hard..." The Green-Eyed Kitsune sighed.

"Same here..." Mia grumbled.

"Come on and lay down with me! You must be exhausted," Zoey barked.

Without a second of hesitation, the other girl Fox laid down beside her lover, and yawned loudly.

It had been a very long day both emotionally and physically.

Zoey pulled Mia into her arms and kissed her passionately. The couple was happy to at least have a moment together, and what made it even better was that they were alone.

However their moment was cut short... A huge roar traveled close to the girls... Which meant something was near by.

"W-What was that!"Mia cried with the loudness of a thousand car horns.

Mia! Be quiet the monster is gon-" But it was too late... It was one of Them! The one with the Black testicals all over it's face was heading right for the female pair.

"TAKE ME, MONSTER! DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY ZOEY!" Mia growled, stepping closer to the horrifying thing.

"NO, MIA!" Zoey yelled as the monster wrapped it's testicals around the brave little Female, and then began to walk away.

The White Furred Fox hissed in anger. She ran up beside the monster, and bit it's back leg leg. Sadly it only resulted in Zoey getting kicked into the cave wall...

"I HAVE TO FIND THE OTHERS! WE'VE GOTTA GET MY MIA BACK!" Zoey thought as she got up, and began running onto another cave path in hopes of finding her family.

"So... Should we just call it a night? Or... A day? If only we knew what time it was..." Rusty said.

"Yeah let's stop and sleep for a bit," Emily replied.

"I hope Mia and Zoey are okay..." Noah added nervously. He could just feel there was something wrong...

"OH! WHERE ARE THEY!?"Zoey snapped out load, as she ran through out the cave. "WE'VE GOT TO GET TO MIA!" The Female Fox added sharply.

Mia gulped as the monster carried her into a dark corner, with it's testicals still wrapped tightly around her.

Then... As Mia was put down the other two monsters from earlier, walked into sight and over to her.

"Oh god... No, No, No!" The little Fox whimpered, when the p***s and two-balled monster grabbed her by the neck, and then threw her onto the ground hard, and got on top of her...

It all became clear in that moment... This wasn't a monster who would just kill, it was one that would also rape...

The monster began to hump Mia repeatedly, as as it did that... The Fox could feel the two big balls flapping against her legs, and the thing's p***s hit her back paws a couple of times.

Disgusting... It was disgusting... One of them was raping, was making an innocent animal moan in pain... -
"RUSTY, NOAH, EMILY!" Zoey roared, running towards the group she had finally found.

Raising their heads in alarm, the other Foxes quickly got up and ran over to The White-Furred Fox.

And before anyone could say or ask a thing... Zoey began to yell.


"WHAT!?" The Other Three Foxes cried in unison.

"W- WE GOTTA GO GET HER! THAT'S MY DAUGHTER!"Emily growled, as she began to run down the cave path. And without any hesitation, the others followed close behind.


Hey! That sounded like Mia!" Rusty barked up.

"Let's follow the yelling!" Noah said.

The family then ran the faster in their whole lives, as turned down another path which led them to the corner of action...

Suddenly the three of them turned to look at their enemies, with horrifying looks that gave off the message of only one thought: "Rape and Kill"

The monster with the p***s and two balls dangling about got off of Mia... Only to charge at the other Foxes, as the other two of them did the same.

"COME ON, KIDS! LET'S FINISH THESE PILES OF s**t!" The middle-aged Fox hissed.

"YEAH LET'S DO THIS!" Responded Rusty, Noah, And Zoey.

"I'M COMING YOU GUYS!" Mia howled in as the Monsters and Foxes began battle.

The creepy Monster which had blinked slowly, and had it's head as it first saw the new guests in the cave, went for Rusty and Noah, while Emily, Zoey, and Emily handled The Monster with the p***s and Balls, and the other one with the testicals.

Biting hard into it's long legs, Rusty and Noah were able to make the ugly thing scream in pain... And then blood began to pour from the injured leg, as the two Foxes continued to cause more damage.

Emily, Zoey, And Mia growled loudly as they ran at their competitors. They just had to kill the terrible things... They just had to!

Mia jumped into the air and grabbed onto one of the testicals, the one monster had and bit down on it... Hoping that it would cause bleeding, but that not what happened at all... No instead the whole testical fell from the side of the Monster's head and hit the ground with Mia landing right on top of it.

Zoey and Emily let out a sound of anger together... As they were attacking the p***s and Two-Balled Monster.

And so the battle went on... Blood, Injuries, Yelling, Screaming, Crying, Calls For Help... But soon it was all over.

Mia, Rusty, Zoey, Noah, and Emily had beaten them... Granted they were hurt some... It was nothing though. After all after fighting and killing them... Their injuries weren't anything they couldn't handle!

"I can't believe it! They're dead! They're really dead!" The young White-Furred Fox cheered happily.

"I know! And I'm so happy you're okay!" Zoey replied.

"Yeah me T-" However Rusty did not get to tell his sister, how happy he was as well for her safety... When The Fox Family realized they had just reached the back of the cave.

Then... From out of the shadows... Came The C... It's skin was all different colors, it's hair... Was puffy and colorful as well... It had this still smile... As if it's mouth could not move... It's smile was wide... The smile made it look happy, It's eyes were a light blue... The eyes didn't seem to move either, It stood on two feet, and had legs and arms of course... And it's right arm held a sharp object... It had a sliver blade, and a black back... The Blade had points on it... Making it look extremely sharp.

"I-I don't like this thing at all..." Mia said slowly. She felt her body begin to shake... The C was moving closer to The Foxes now...

"EVERYONE! CHARGE!"Emily ordered.

With that The Foxes went for The C as it came for them...

The Five Kitsunes jumped onto their final battle, and began to fight. Clawing, Kicking, Scratching, Biting. Etc.

Soon the Sliver Blade with The Black Back dropped... The C was dead.


"Yeah we did, but I think we did something else too... Look!" Emily added as she pointed to the left side of the area they were in.

There it was... The missing piece of The Earth! And beside was a rock platform... Which glowed with the colors of the rainbow.

"Do you guys think it goes on there?" Rusty questioned.

"Well stranger things have happened... So let's give it a try!" Emily smirked.

Then The Group pushed The Piece of The Earth onto the platform, to which it glowed even brighter and then a swirl of the rainbow light circled The Family Of Foxes...

Suddenly The Kitsunes were lifted along with the missing piece of the Earth, from the space cave and to their surprise they could breathe as they flew through Outer Space. It was amazing the stars, the Planets, the Moon, And The Sun were never so close to them before.

The Light floated them to the side of the planet, to which was missing the final pieace of it's self.

Rainbow colors carried the chunk of the Earth back down to where it had broken off of, and then put it back in place perfectly.

Then... The Foxes were lifted back down to their home! On their planet!

When they reached the nice soft grass they found themselves outside of their den... Also it was daytime! The sun shined brighter than the Foxes realized it ever had before...

It was sooooo nice not to be in the dark anymore.

"WE... WE MADE BACK TO EARTH! WE'RE ALL ALIVE AND WE'RE HOME!" The Whole Fox Family sang in unison.

"Yep! We went Over The Edge, but we climbed back to the top!" Zoey said.

"Well, Well, Well! Look who's back after disappearing for three days?! IT'S THE GAYS!" Laughed a voice from behind.

The Number-Five Foxes smiled evilly as they walked up to the Family.


I-I... UH LET'S GET OUT OF HERE BOYS!" Yelped The Leader Of The Bullies.

Gulping, and backing up in agreement... The others followed behind.

They knew for sure... They would never mess with that Family ever again.

"Yay, Mia! You showed 'em girl!" Zoey howled cheerfully, while the others gathered around happily.

"Well I guess you can no longer fear anything, After going Over The Edge," Mia replied with a smile on her face.