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Name: Magoichi
Age: 160
Gender: Male
Race: Shinigami
Magoichi is seen as something of a paradox amongst Shinigami in the series, and frequently challenges Shinigami conventions and limitations. He embraces certain elements of humanity, such as love and loyalty, that would be considered too human by other Shinigami. Magoichi often displays a strong sense of honor and loyalty. Many of Magoichi actions, good or evil, are motivated by love. His loyalties lie in the same place as his passions, and unlike most he is not much for philosophizing about good and evil. Despite all of this, he is able to put differences aside for a greater good.

One of Magoichi most notable personality traits is his lust for violence and his love of brawling. He has noted that he finds the very act of violence therapeutic, he notes that getting pent-up aggression out of his system by Killing hollows and fighting shinigami puts things in perspective for him. Despite his love of violence and mindless destruction, Magoichi is highly intelligent. He has displayed excellent skills of insight and analysis, particularly on relationships.

Magoichi has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. A polar opposite to his callow and simpering human nature, Magoichi, as a Shinigami, possesses a swaggering posture and enjoys living by nobody's rules save his own. He has a habit of making pithy remarks and glib insults, even toward the few he does not view as antagonists.

Magoichi often nicknames people, both as insults and as terms of endearment. He has given himself the nickname "Big Bad". He speaks with a strong lower class English accent and slang.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 148 lbs
Markings/Tattoos: V/Y-shaped scar on his left eyebrow
Likes: Fighting
Dislikes: Cowards and Weaklings
Eye Color: pale blue
Hair Color: light brown
Hair Style: short, Straight
Appearance: without the tattos and scars, in the picture but with the eye color hair color and scars from above.

Division: 11
Rank: Lieutenant
Sub-Division: Total Offense

Zanpakutou Name: RensaRyuu [鎖竜 Chained Dragon]
Zanpakutou Length(with habaki): 30"
Handle Length: 11.8"
Overall Length(with Saya): 44.1"
Thickness: 0.3"
Weight (with Saya): 6 lb 2 oz
Weight (without Saya): 3 lb 8 oz

Shikai: Acheived
Shikai Name: RensaRyuu
Shikai Release Incantation: Strike RensaRyuu
Shikai Description: Kusarigama

Shikai Ability: Melee-Type Zanpakutō

Generic Attack: Kusarigamajutsu

Spirit manifestation personality:

Bankai: Not Acheived
Bankai Name: Unknown
Bankai Description: Unknown
Bankai Ability: Unknown

Generic Attack: Unknown

Attack no.1: Unknown

Attack no.2: Unknown

Magoichi found himself unlike the other residents of the Rukongai, he quickly grew bored a and began to get into misjiff with the other residents. Time and again he'd cause too much trouble and be forced from the towns. Soon he found himself in the lower districts. Intrigued by the lawlessness of this districts he quickly headed for district 80. Upon arriving at the lowest district he quickly sought out fights with anyone and everyone, unlike in the towns he originally was from these people fought back and to their deaths.
Years passed and Magoichi continued to hone his skills in the lower districts moving from them whenever any one of them got too boring. He devolped hunger and a want for more powerful opponents, the ones he had fought thus far had been fun and entertaining but were now becoming too easy. Having heard rumors that the only people in the Rukongai who got hungry were people with the potental to become shinigami He headed toward the Seireitei.
After being accepted into the Shinōreijutsuin Magoichi trained harder being surrounded by others with exceptional abilities. Magoichi became one of the best fighters in his class though when ever he was required to use Kidō he was usually in the bottom ranking of his class. In time he mastered Shunpo and then gave up on Kidō and other related skills.
Division 11 appealed to Magoichi from the start, being full of stalwart men who live for battle. He was easily accepted into the Division; with determination he began fighting his way through the other members of 11th division making his combat skills know the the Captain. The Captain seeing his potential raised him to 3rd seat where he found himself stuck for the longest time, unable to advance further in the ranks.
One day the current lieutenant received a new position else where, though Magoichi never found out where. It was only natural for him to become the new lieutenant, and he filled the shoes well. Division 11 on a special mission encountered resistance from some hollows. The battle became drawn out and loses were heavy as the hollows continued to pour into the battle field. When Several Adjuchas class hollows joined the fight the captain ordered a retreat until support arrived. Magoichi disobeyed orders and stood alongside the captain. They both fought wave after wave of hollows and soon the found themselves separated from one another. Fighting for his life Magoichi could only watch as the Adjuchas killed his captain. Angered by what he was forced to watch and how helpless he was he entered a frenzied rage of killing hollows, taking down two of the 4 Adjuchas himself before the other divisions arrived.
The only thing Magoichi remebers after the captain died was waking up many days later in 4th divisions relief station. After healing from his injuries he applied to 1st divisions captain and was allowed to take the test to become a Shinigami Captain. He failed several parts of the exam including being unable to use a bankai. Remaining as 11th squads lieutenant and acting as a captain until which time a replacement can be found.

Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWxBrI0g1kE
Disturbed Indestructible


Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Reluctant to use his Zanpakutō's Shikai form, Magoichi has trained to become especially skilled at swordsmanship so he wouldn't have to rely on it. He can be very crafty with his Zanpakutō as his skills are great enough to regularly fight opponents with released Zanpakutō while his remains sealed, only relying on his own Zanpakutō's released form as a last resort.When Magoichi does release his Zanpakutō, he is highly proficient in its use, using his mastery of a variation of Kusarigamajutsu (which features fighting at a distance with substantial usage of the chains to ensnare opponents, as well as using his Zanpakutō as a long-ranged, throwing weapon)

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: While preferring to use his blade in battle, Magoichi can easily catch an opponent's attack with a single hand, perform powerful kicks and take-downs, and has demonstrated superb skill with throwing weapons.

Vast Spiritual Power: His Spiritual Pressure is immense. He can also use it as a sort of armor, making it impossible for him to be harmed by nothing less than the most skilled or powerful opponents. This is comparable to an Arrancar's Hierro. He focus and unleash his spiritual pressure in the form of a powerful shockwave. When using both hands, his shockwave can cause a huge radius of destruction.

Highly Perceptive Combatant: He is very adept at finding and exploiting weaknesses in his opponents' techniques. He is also adept at adjusting to his opponent's attack patterns and battle methods to better counter them. He is very perceptive and notices traits in people that others wouldn't notice and sees what drives a person's actions. He has also demonstrated keenly sharp intuition to incoming danger.

Immense Durability: Magoichi can easily ignore most of the injuries he's sustained in battle, not suffering any debilitation despite having multiple slash wounds in his body. Even with life threatening wounds there are no visual impairment of his fighting abilities.

Flash Step Master: He is easily one of the most proficient users of this skill in all of Soul Society.

Senka (閃花, Flash Blossom): a special Shunpo technique where one moves to their opponent's back, directly attacking and sealing one's "Saketsu" and "Hakusui" in one strike (effectively cutting them off of their spiritual energy flow). The movement is so fast that an opponent may not be able to tell whether he was attacked from the front or the back and even an outside observer may find it impossible to tell what the movements are.[111]

Utsusemi (空蝉; Cicada, referencing their molting): Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shihou. It allows for a movement at great speed, leaving an afterimage behind.


Name: Zhou Yeong
Age: 25
Gender: male

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: 3"long hair
RP Height: 6'7"
Weight: 260
Markings/Tattoos: scar on right eye coming from his eyebrow, down to the corner of his mouth. multiple others all across his upper body
Weapons: A curved Katana longer than normal closer to that of a Nodachi
Armor: Smooth Paldrons that go down to elbows, Gauntlets, breastplate, backplate having a raised armor collar, helm, armorer skirt, knee high armor boots and a cloak.
Skills/ Proficiencies:Curved sword Master, Fishing, Sailing, and Menacing

Personality: Zhou Yeong is the classic calm and seemingly mute warrior who is merciless to his foes. He only talks when necessary and roughly mumbles one liners. His hard-to-approach and taciturn demeanor belie a sincerely kind and loyal man.
He cares greatly for his allies' safety and won't hesitate to sacrifice himself for his allies' well being. Caring little for personal gain and possessing an indomitable presence, his allies' admires his bravery in return. Both share a fondness for wine, which further deepens their comradely bonds.

Bio: Zhou Yeong grew up in a small village son of a fisherman, his mother died in childbirth. Zhou Yeong helped his father as much as he could and learning the trade planning on becoming a fisherman like his father. One day when he was 10 years old, a group of Samurai entered the village and began to slaughter everyone. His father took Zhou Yeong and hide him in a hidden food storage bin where he remained for hours. Upon emerging he found his fathers body in the remains of his house. No one in the village remained. Zhou Yeong packed what he could and took his fathers fishing boat to sea. Months passed before a pirate ship picked his starving body off of the remains of his fathers ship, he would tell no one of what happened. The first mate took a liking to the boy and took him on as a Powder Monkey. The first mate treated him well though and taught him how to wield a sword and use battojustu. The long he stayed upon the ship the more he took on becoming a valuable member and fierce warrior, yet shared little about his true goals and his past.Upon a shore leave he learned the names and locations of a couple of the samurai who attacked his village. Wasting no time at all he thanked the first mate for the kindness shown to a strange boy that washed up one day and then he turned much of his shares over to he captain in exchange for his freedom. With little more than a couple days worth of food, armor, and curved sword Zhou Yeong set out to find the men who slayed his father.

Zhou Yeong tightens the ropes on the mast of the old ship while burly men carry crates and barrels off the ship. The wind blows a salt mist across the ship, a storm approaches. The ships captain barks orders out in a steady stream, Zhou Yeong wipes his brow and heads down the plank to some much needed shore leave. Most of the crew that isn't bartering or unloading cargo are at the local pub whistling at the barmaids and drinking the strong swill the can afford. Knowing not many other places in this port will accept his kind he joins them, but instead of joining in the hooting and hollering he retires to a table in a darkened corner. A barmaid approaches his corner to inquire as to his tastes but before she can ask he looks at her almost looking through her "I'll take the best wine you have" tossing a couple coins onto the table in her direction.

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