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I just experienced a movie called cyber bully, and it made me cry so much, I feel like that's what I should do right now, just forget all of this s**t, the pain and sorrow, I told some of my friends that I think suicidal and they called me a coward, We're not friends anymore, just because I got offended by a word, They don't realize that, I've been trying not to cut or burn or do suicidal for ever since I was 10, I know it seems like a stupid probably unrealistic age, but its true, it's all true, I've been called so may names in my life that right now I'm done from it, I'm done with talking I'm done with hiding I'm done with breathing, People say that if you do suicidal then they're cowards from the real world, But I think suicidal is just to make the pain stop, why else would someone do suicidal? because they're happy? no because they're sad and feel pain, So they just want the pain to stop by ending they're life, Thats what i want to do right now end my life by over dosing pills or jumping off a building or hanging myself, or cutting my throat or cutting myself so much I bleed out, I just want to die. so bad, Life is too good for me to live with pain,