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Until Next Time (1/3)
------I'm waiting in the cafeteria for his text, we are supposed to go to the Botanical Garden today because of our date. He's in class; I constantly check my phone for a response waiting for him to get out. Unfortunately, when he gets out, my classes start so he has to wait. I don't mind waiting, I hope he waits for me. There's this brief time interval where I head to my class and he leaves his, so we'd have leeway to text for a moment. We can't see each other because he's in the other side of campus. Sometimes though he runs towards me, catch me by surprise and escorts me to my class, which is kinda sweet of him. I get a text message from him; he says the rest of our friends are leaving despite the fact we requested them to wait. I reply back:

------Me: Are you gonna wait?

------Him: Idk, everyone is leaving, u want me to wait?

------Me: Plz and ty

------I keep thinking that maybe he has forgot that we were supposed to go on a date today. He's the spontaneous type, always doing action without thinking of the ramifications. If he left, I guess I would be okay with it, I expect him to do that anyways. Besides, it's not really that serious or anything... Yeah...

------The class I have is pre-calc, I love math so it isn't as boring as it is to me, but I won't bother writing about it because you might not be interested in math. Moving right along, after class I text him but he doesn't respond, so I'm thinking he left. Its okay I'm fine with that.

------I walk out of the building out into the campus, I'm thinking about going home, a part of me is bummed out that he forgot. I start walking towards the direction of the exit. Its nice out today; Its fall but its not to cold yet so some of the trees are turning into pastel colors of reds and oranges, while most are still green. I wore my prettiest dress which is orange; I wanted to match the fall colors and the flowers we were gonna see at the garden today.

------"Hey, where are you going?" I hear his voice behind me.

------I freeze, staring ahead into the horizon, I'm not sure whether I should turn around and look at him or something. Suddenly I feel his arms around me, I know its him because I look at his hands. The scar on the back of his hand is still there, one that I accidentally gave him a few years back. I he also smells of body spray he wears a lot. I don't know why I notice these tiny details about him. We're just friends, and... and... I don't know, I'm not making sense. I just want a fresh start that's all. I'm trying to move on at least. I feel his scar, its smooth now, but the dark spot is still there; a reminder of the past of what horrible wonders I can do.

------"Thank you for waiting."

------"You look amazing today" I hear him say as he held me. "Love the dress and the hair do."

------"Thanks, though the hair is just bedhead" I smile softly. "You know me..."

------"Still though, you look amazing."

------"Lets go before the garden closes."

------"Wait, I wanna keep holding you like this." I feel his heart beating from my back, in 4/4 time signature; like a bass drum slowly going thump thump thump. I sigh, but for I don't know why. "Alright lets go."

------He lets go and walks ahead of me. I'm still frozen in time staring at the horizon, I watch him go. He turns around, and gives me this weird look. I see his face, his big dark eyes. Those eyes that even though you look hard and try to see his true intentions, you can't see it, like there's a shadow. He has straight long dark hair, that covers his eyes, but he moves it to the side and lets his baseball cap keep it there in place. I never see him without a hat. He says that its there to keep his hair in check. I wish my hair was as calm as his, but he says that he doesn't like his Asian hair because its straight, lackluster, and boring. He wishes that his hair is more like mine, which is all over the place at times; he calls it adventurous.

------"What are you waiting for?"

------"Oh right!"

------I unfreeze, and walk towards him, beside him. We walk onwards on to the Garden, It's not that far from our campus. We have been here for quite some time, and not once have set foot in there. I blame the fact that it's expensive and we're both broke college students. But its free today, so we're off to go on our date.

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