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amanda c. ✦ corinne g. ✦ dakin d. y. ✦ gabriel c. ✦ fan m. ✦ jiaxuan w.✦ olu a. ✦ michael c. ✦ nkem u. ✦ pri j. ✦ rhom n. k. ✦ rivka l. ✦ sean l. ✦ solomon r. ✦ sutyana i. ✦ yuliya v. ✦ yu r. t.

carnivore, animal, i am a cannibal / i eat boys up, breakfast and lunch

ruthless, amoral, manipulative,

*✦ ✦ concept: Cool to party with, if you're into mob queens, but will not hesitate to drop you off a bridge.
*✦ ✦ canons: Cyberpunk, supervillain, modern crime
*✦ ✦ occupation: Nightclub owner, mob queen....dance terrorist?? #cyberpunknightclubcitypolitics
*✦ ✦ age: Somewhere between late 20s and mid 30s, possibly a little older. Look, do you think I'm going to ask her how old she is??
*✦ ✦ key items: Wolves, witches, spikes, stilettos, sunglasses, bright lights and long red nails

*✦ ✦ hair: Long, brunette and curly
*✦ ✦ eyes: Hazel
*✦ ✦ ethnicity: White (russian)
*✦ ✦ build: Curvy, between sizes 10-16. Tall, at 5'9"-10".
*✦ ✦ visible distinguishing marks: The fiercest eyebrows to ever furrow ominously
*✦ ✦ playby: Crystal Renn
*✦ ✦ style: Nightclub warrior hard femme-- classy, practical, but with an intimidating number of spikes. Low necklines and big chunky jewelry. Solid colors. Rarely seen on business without a set of sunglasses, which is funny because the cyberpunk city is perpetually nighttime, so UM

*✦ ✦ personality: A businesswoman at heart, with good people skills but no patience for foolishness. She values competence over compassion and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. or, more often, send a lackey to do it, since she's also proud, and rejects the idea of debasing herself to get ahead. Always needs to be aware of every aspect of a situation. Speaks her mind. "No explanations, no apologies." Violent under stress. Manipulative, conniving, ambitious, competitive. Good at getting people to do what she wants-- literally has mind control in superpower canons. Stubborn, bulldozes over opposing opinions in interpersonal contexts (rather than business contexts).
*✦ ✦ colors/mood: Red, gold, and black; metallics. Can be serious, smiling or skeptical but never silly. Sexy is fine, but she's very picky about her pinup poses. Assertive, aggressive, indifferent, powerful, disdainful sexy = fine. Sexy Yuliya kind of also looks like she wants to crush your face under her heels.
*✦ ✦ when interacting: Not afraid to seem masculine in her assertiveness, in pose, gesture or body language. Starts and leads conversations. Gets along much nicer with others during business hours than on the dance floor. She, um, really doesn't like being told what to do.
*✦ ✦ relationships with: Sean Li is her harem boy. The Duchess is an old friend turned political rival.
*✦ ✦ orientation: ???? Mostly straight, but seems to see men more as playthings and women as her romantic/sexual equals. So, you know. Keep that in mind for shipping rps or w/e

*✦ ✦ rl references: [x] [x] [x] <-- See what I mean? That is a woman ready to either do the do OR heel the bridge of somebody's nose in
*✦ ✦ drawn references:

i have a heart i swear i do / but just not baby when it comes to you

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    Thu Oct 03, 2013 @ 08:33am

    testing testing 1 2 3

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