Tonight's homework in my fiction class is to take a person that you love, but also does things you loathe, and write a paragraph about them. I'm pretty set that I'm going to write about Christy with a plot point that even though she shows that she doesn't care about things, she truly does care with all her heart. It should start with her getting out of bed, that whole routine, and then reminiscing about her birthday because it is coming up ( in reality it has already passed ). It will mention me and how we haven't really talked in a long time, setting it up for the point that I was hospitalized and she just finds out... from a phone call? No... a phone message wishing her a happy birthday~ yes, that sounds better.

We only get to write a paragraph so I don't think I'll even get that far. We got our poems back and I didn't have very good ones. Lulz. I just don't rely on all those sensory details. I play on the drama and being unable to understand the poem. Haha. I totally do it on PURPOSE! Haha.

Tonight I want to work on a Mafia reboot but at the same time I know that it bad for me to do that. So, I'll work on it a little then do my homework and if I'm still awake by then I can work on Mafia.

I had a vivid dream last night so rain must be coming soon. IT BETTER BE! I don't remember the dream, even though I tried, but next time I will be sure to remember for writing in this journal.