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ChevelleRose's Randomness Journal
This is a journal of memories and stuff I think is cool. :)
Woo Its October 1st !! :D
I was gonna make this this morning but the internet decided to be slow. smilies/icon_stressed.gif

Ok so...yeah......I actually don't have much to say here I just wanted to make an entry. ^^;

Oh! Ok so today I ordered chinese food and sweet tea(because its awesome) then my brother decides to order pizza and I'm just like " omg I just ordered this and now there is pizza".

So yeah major internal conflict because hello fave foods ya know?

I saved my share of the pizza and ate half of my Chinese food. Now I'm eating the rest with frozen chocolate milk since I didn't get the chance to buy icecream yet.

I also noticed this morning that gaia added this side bar background thingamajiggy to the site. Just felt like mentioning this.

I had like 5 different people message me on facebook so that was awesome since I actually like those people. Most people I know I don't like anymore because of reasons. Mostly them being buttholes. But ya know thats life.

Oh and a new trailer for the desolation of smaug came out today. I noticed when I got on tumblr. Here it is:

I also decided to order Teen Wolf this month because I kept hearing about it on tumblr and I got converted into being a fan of that show. I remember when they first started out and they had the first 15mins of the show on their facebook page. It seemed pretty cool but also a bit cheesy. Which made me not like it. I also couldn't watch it even if I wanted to since I didn't catch that channel. I also stopped watching tv after a while so theres that too.

But anyways I plan to buy both seasons. So the next thing I plan to watch/order is game of thrones. I am fully prepared to cry over more fictional characters.

One of my friends on facebook(which also happens to be one of my gaia friends) was talking about what she does to get clear skin and she mentioned using green tea(teabags) and after straining them putting them under your eyes to help get rid of dark circles. I never heard of doing this before and she said the same thing but it seems to work. I forgot how long she said to do it exactly but it might have been 1 hour or less. So you could just watch something while you do this.

I just remembered that I watched a movie I just found out about called 'The First Time'. It has the boy that plays Styles in Teen Wolf in it. Oh and his name is Dylan O'Brian. The movie is ok but I wouldn't watch it more than 2 times. Its not bad but its not super good.

I think this might be everything.

Yep it is.

So goodbye and if I think of anything else to add I might add it here.

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