Wow, I haven't typed in my journal for about a week now. Anyways, I received some questions in my bag just two days ago and it said something about my journal entries in Gaia. That was sort of creepy, considering the fact that I didn't tell many people that I play Gaia. I don't know if any of you guys know me in rl or something but I feel that I want to answer them in my Gaia journal now. Okay, so here's the first question:
1. Why did you decide to do a WIP story?
Erm...honestly I have no idea why. I love writing and all but I seriously suck and didn't even think about writing my own stories. But I guess I was bored one day and came up with the idea of writing about what happens to me at school and it became a WIP story.
2. Who would you say are your very best friends in Gaia?
Not to give any of my friends hard feelings but specifically, no one. I'm not saying I don't like all of my friends but I don't have any favorites. Once in a while I'll hang out with some of them but none of them are my BFFs.
3. Are there any specific sweets you really like?
I like tiramisu, fruit tarts, chocolate-dipped strawberries and cookies & cream bars.
4. What made you join GaiaOnline?
I think it all started when I was watching MMVs on YouTube. I was watching this cool video shot from the game MapleStory and then I saw the Suggestions column and saw Gaia videos. Back then I was on a break from ROBLOX so I joined GaiaOnline as a backup.

Ok, so I believe that's all of those questions given to me during the school day. If you play GaiaOnline and give random notes to people, uh... yeah, nevermind. Point is, I'd really like to know who's been sending me these questions. So I guess that's all for my journal entry!