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Terminator 5 - Part 8
The second her skin made contact with the electricity, every muscle in her body screamed in pain all at once. She didn’t know if she’d be able to bear it. She opened her eyes slightly, only to be met with a bright white light. She shut them again and before she knew it, she was falling to the earth, landing in lush, green grass. She coughed a few times and just lay on her back. She couldn’t seem to move.

She opened her eyes to the glaring sunlight. Serenia threw her arms up to shield her eyes. She’d never seen the sun this bright before. She rolled onto her side, and forced herself to sit up. She reached into her bag and pulled out the photograph. She looked at the white house and peered around this area. She saw the exact same house within walking distance. Her heart lightened and she stood up on wobbly legs. Serenia leaned against the nearest house for support. She looked at the small crater in the grass from her arrival and sighed. She walked on.

Two voices floated to her on the wind. She ran back to the house and knelt in the grass next to it. One of the voices was that of a child, maybe early adolescence. The other belonged to a woman. Serenia peeked around the side of the house and saw a young kid with dark hair race off, waving to his mother, who waved back. Once he was gone, she slowly closed the door and all was still again. Serenia took one last look at the photograph and put it away.

As Serenia neared the house, she looked around. None of the windows were open and it looked as if no one lived there. There wasn’t even a car in the driveway. She ascended the small, wooden staircase and took a deep breath, knocking on the door. She heard the chain-lock rattle, but the door never opened. A voice reached her through the door, “What do you want?” The woman sounded impatient and tired at the same time. “I need to talk to you. Could you open the door please?” A long pause followed, then, “Who are you?” Serenia thought long and hard how to answer, then said, “John Connor’s daughter.”

Serenia heard the chain rattle again and the door finally opened. A woman stood there with long, brown hair. She looked as tired as she sounded. She had somewhat of a cold gaze that didn’t waiver from Serenia’s face. Before Serenia knew it, a gun was pointed at her. Serenia remained calm, as the gun was shoved into her abdomen. Serenia noticed the safety of the gun was off. The woman glared at her as Serenia said, "Please. I'm not here to hurt you. I'm not a Terminator, if that's what you're thinking." The woman lowered the gun and peered into Serenia's eyes. All hostility faded away, and the woman's eyes softened, “Come inside,” Sarah Connor said, and held the door open.

Serenia and Sarah sat across from each other at a small table. Serenia was rehashing her harrowing experience of the past day and why she was here. Sarah listened intently. She averted her eyes when Serenia mentioned what happened to Kate. “I’m sorry.” She said apologetically. Serenia nodded and continued, Sarah watching her closely. What the ******** am I doing letting this kid into my house? But she does have John’s eyes…and that can’t be just a coincidence.

“So, you’re from the future?” Sarah asked tentatively when Serenia finished her story. She nodded in response, “The year 203-“Sarah interrupted, “Wait, I thought Skynet got wiped out in 2029?” Serenia shook her head, “It almost did, but the machines fell back, and ended up regrouping. They took out many of our soldiers in a wave of nuclear fire. It held us off long enough for them to rebuild their shattered defense grid, and then, they changed tactics on us. They began attacking us at night, more often than during the day. We lost a lot of men during that first attack.” Sarah couldn’t believe any of this, Kyle had no idea… She sighed and nodded. All of a sudden, she felt sick and excused herself, leaving the room.

Sarah came back a few minutes later, looking worse than when she left. She sat down at the table, gingerly. Serenia looked at her with concern, and pulled out the vials of red liquid and a needle. Sarah eyed them suspiciously, “What’s that?” “The thing that’s gonna save your life, that’s what.” Sarah raised an eyebrow, as Serenia started filling the needle with the first vial. “This is the cure for leukemia. Some doctor in 2033 came up with it. They’ve tried it on a few hundred people. It works almost instantly.” Sarah looked puzzled, “Why do I need it now? If I’ve supposed to go with you, can’t we do it another day, or wait for John to get home, so he can meet you?” A grave look washed over Serenia.

“Today’s the day you’re supposed to die. When John came home, you were dead.” Sarah lost all color in her face.

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