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[title] TTSSP
Hey readers.
Or, haters. I welcome all.

I am taking this time to begin a journal that'd I'd sorta like to do at least WEEKLY. So, in this opening post, I'll like to write about the s**t that caused this transition of accounts and my whole new attitude about life.


Here's some basic crap to know about me.
I'm a proud black young adult. I wanna be a computer engineer, OR a computer designer, OR a video game programmer, OR a video game tester, OR a writer. I'm a mess, I know. Uhh...Music, I love music. It's a humongous part of my life. I like alot of rap(Mostly the good rap, like Tyler The Creator and A$AP Rocky, and Danny Brown, and on and on, but I do listen to Trap Rap because I grew up listening to it), but I like R & B and rock and dubstepzz too. I don't really care, as long as it has a nice melody or beat. I'm fourteen years of age. I sound black, like very, but I have a HUUUGE ******** vocabulary so I type like this and without my voice to project it, i'm pretty sure you're thinking I'm white(lolfuqyou).I'm really ******** smart, like suuuuper. I scored top 6 in last year's EOC test. I also took the ACT/SAT mock test and made at least a 20 in all subjects. Did I mention I'm only 14? I like to write. I have pissed off a happy meal. First sad meal ever.


So, here's the actual ******** post guys. I used to be known as ll-Phucking Epic Emo-ll(no I didn't switch because the abbreviation was PEE). I wanted to switch because I had a lot of friends I didn't remember because of my hiatus due to not having internet and crap. And I didn't believe that my username should've been ll-Phucking Epic Emo-ll anymore(yes, i knew that i could change my name). I had done a lot of meditating(with music and android apps) and I found myself, I swear. It changed me so much bros, I swear. I didn't call myself a emo anymore, and actually, my goal is to try to show my fifteen year old cousin how to find her self. I know everyone is different so ultimately she has do it herself. I swear to god, I'd kill for her. She's one of the coolest people I've met. But, back to my story. I became a lot more less irritable and more calm. I (finally) saw that there has to be bad before there is good, and that nothing is forever. I changed my name to Potato Smuggler because it was random as hell, and I liked it. And not much else appealed to me. Probably because my logic is shot.

Potato Smuggler
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Potato Smuggler
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