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-------Back then I was like noob, with my fake stratocaster; I was flipping through Sam Ash catalogs and I saw the LTD F-50 in cherry red. I was like, holy s**t I need to get myself one of those, and it was like 249 dollars so it was around my budget. I've wanted it for like months and months saving up and stuff, I was young so I only got money from holidays.

-------Finally, my dad finally gets it for me on my 15th or 16th birthday I think, I don't remember; but he didn't even buy it new. He bought it used so it was kinda ******** up, but damn I love that guitar; I grew up with it. It had problems like high string action and fret buzz, stuff that I can easily fix now, but back then I didn't. I was still learning at that time.

-------You know how the guitar has like ******** sharp edges because of it's shape? That s**t use to stab me when I played it. It was as if like it was saying "You ain't ready to play me." That guitar and I had problems, but I took care of her, well I learned to. When I first got her she was hurting me and s**t, and I was hurting her in return. She has some chips and scars because I didn't ******** know how to take care of a guitar.

-------Over the years I fixed her, I learned how to fix her. I got better on her, improved my skills on her, took her to shows I had with the band. She has experience playing live. She looks gorgeous too, shes an eye catcher. When I first took her to school, all my friends were amazed, because of how beautiful she looks. I remember my gym teacher, he did some shred on her and I got so jealous because I wanted to play like that. I think she also enjoyed it because I wasn't skilled at the time and she was like: "This is how you're suppose to play me." From there on, I knew that she was made for shredding. I even upgraded her with EMG pickups, my set up was double 81's chrome. I also got her locking tuners, for better sustain and easy string changing. Got her a nice hard shell case she can lay down on, its like fuzzy on the inside.

-------I still have her. I'm never gonna sell her. There was this one point I installed pickup covers, because I didn't like the look of open coils. This was before she had EMGs. When you plugged that s**t all you heard was like ******** death because of the feedback that it produced was so insane that it was unplayable as ********. Someone can go deaf because of those pickup covers; that's how bad it was. So I scrapped the pickup covers, and got EMGs instead.

-------I remember installing the EMGs on her, it was some scary s**t. This was around Christmas because I remember getting the EMGs around that time. I took out the strings, unbolted her neck so that the fretboard wouldn't get damaged. I opened the back compartment, where all the wiring is. At that moment I prayed to god that she'll be okay in the end because I literally did not know what I was doing. I read the manual for the EMGs back and fourth just to make sure I got it right.

-------I snapped the wires like a lot of them from the pots to the pickup. I ******** up the original pickup she has, the open coil ones because I cut them wrong. When I removed the pickups, I stared at them for a good while on my palm, thinking that I really have her heart on my hands. Me messing up the old pickups I felt bad because I felt as if I really broke her heart. I never threw them away theyre displayed somewhere in my room. I placed the pickup covers on them because the look aesthetically pleasing even though they sound like s**t.

-------Anyways, I rewired everything back together thanks to EMG's solder-less kit. made my life easier. Since its double 81's I have the pickup selector for show only. I'm thinking of removing it though and adding another tone pot. Her current wiring is only to 1 volume pot, and 1 tone pot. In the end she was good, sounds even better than before. I sighed in relief after that surgical extraction.

-------I don't play her anymore, because I have better guitars. So shes on my wall in my room, being displayed. You can still play her because she still plays and sounds like a godesss. You can still make her scream, you know, those really high bends with tight vibratos. But yeah, she's retired now and, I'm never ever gonna sell her. A part of me is imbedded on that guitar, like my heart and soul is with her. Did I mention that she's red and that's like my favorite color?

-------I love her, my baby Rayne <3

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