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holy sh!t
I never realized how much I've changed my aspect on life since I just went back and read all my older journals. Like honestly, holy sh!t. Since 2010 I've become a much better person. I never realized how negative I was then. I thought that all boys were assholes, that my parents hated me, that faith wasnt important, all these things. I think pretty much exact opposite now. I just find this to be so mind blowing. I was in such a dark place. Now I have a boyfriend that makes me happy, I'm not purposely eating less, or applying heavy makeup because I thought I was ugly. Sure, I listen to the same music, and dress the same, but I've really changed for the better. I love it. It makes me embrace myself even more. I'm back for the 27th time, Gaia.smilies/icon_heart.gif

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