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Q: Does Fang have other forms? My wolf does :3
Thanks for your Question! ^-^

Yes, Fang does have other forms and they're all as dear to me as her original Wolf.
However, I mainly use her Wolf form for most Roleplays' only do her other two forms come into Roleplays' when the setting is different.
Fang has a Wolf, Tigress, Lioness and a Dragoness
Each form takes on different designs, but keeps the certain blood red as Fangs' Wolf main fur. They also keep the dark red/brown tail tip and the blue eyes. She also always wears a white chained ''I love you'' collar/necklace with a white/silver heart charm around neck and red + black bracelet/anklet around any front ankle.[

Wolf: Blood red fur, with dark red legs and tip of tail. Light pink, almost white, underfur + Inner ear fur and face, under eyes + cheeks and light pink paws. Light brown paw pads and ocean blue eyes. Black/Grey nose

Tigress: White tigress, with red stripes but the stripes DO NOT occur on her front legs. A light pink underfur, belly only including inner ear fur. White claws and light brown pawpads with a black/grey nose. A dark red tail tip and ocean blue eyes.

Lioness: A ''bacon'' coloured fur, the dark colour of brown but red'ish. Cream underfur and inner ear fur + muzzle and toes. Upper eyelid is a paler pink to the lower eyelid. White claws and a black/grey nose. Ocean blue eyes. Red rims of ears and faint red spots covering ''bacon'' fur only. Tail tip is a dark red.

Dragoness: Blood red skin and bones of wings, with darker red legs and inner wings. Light pink underskin, which covers her belly + chest + face (cheeks and stops at sides of eyes but does not go over middle of snout) along with her toes. A dark red lower part of her tail. White large claws, and ocean blue eyes. A dark purple chained collar on neck with a chained bracelet on her tail tip. Large black horns stopping at her neck + joints of wings and a larger black ''blade'' at the end of her tail. She also has black markings on her left shoulder.

Each have their own Anthro and Furry form.
Height: 5'6
Age: 16
Weight: 8 stone.
Sexuality: Female and Straight
Mate: Ace

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