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Early Morning Ramble
I've been up all night and it's about 6:30a right now. I'm trying to earn more gold the long way for my guild's season event. We've met our goals, even going to 400k for the prize bank. But all of you know how expensive items are - ones that are worth having, anyway. I've sold a lot of items, but I'm unwilling to part with the rest. I've been questing my items for years and I've finally gotten them and filled my inventory with luxury. They're really awesome. I mean, just look at the quality of my avatars. Why would I sell off those items I worked so hard for, just for a guild event that yields no profit for me?

I'm quite the hedonist.

No, I've done more than my part in the gold department for my guild. I just wish it was easier to earn gold. I just want everyone to have fun and get a little something for their efforts in the event.

Well, I think I need some more caffeine. There's a lot of work to be done before I open the event this coming weekend.