Proximos, Candleton, Eluria, got it.
Proxmios: Slightly more advanced due to it's proximity to Damascus
Eluria: Small amount of gunsmiths
Candleton: Main producer of candles

Proximos: Located very near to Damascus, thus the name. It's the main producer of guns and ammunition for the kingdom. However, such high demand has otherwise but destroyed the forests that once surrounded Proximos. It's size could fit approximately 10,000 residents within the walls, and a few small houses dot the landscape around it. Huge towers stick out against the back of Proximos, belonging to factories that produce the guns.

Candleton: Sits just outside the forests of Slyphos, Candleton used to produce wood logs for Proximos. However, recently they've slowed down on the production of logs because Slyphos maintains that the forest is their land, thus their property. Candleton is now producing candles (as per it's name.) A huge forest sits at the back of the town with a trail cut in the center leading to the barony of Slyphos. At the front of the town, rugged terrain dotted with the occasional tree. Candleton has approximately 3000 current inhabitants.

Eluria. A small village. Very outspaced with no buildings actually touching each other. A dirt road runs down the town center. A well sits in the exact center. Eluria produces a few guns for Damascus, but otherwise it's main produce is wheat and wool. Eluria is thought to be one of the smallest towns in the entire kingdom, with a population of only 500. Because of the mountains surrounding, the terrain is very rugged. The town itself sits on a plateau. Houses dot the area around the town center, it's very disorganized.