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Sunday with out god ending
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I finished this episode a while ago and found out that the DVD plans to put an additional 13th episode on the DVD but it wont air until January/2014 I can't believe i'll have to wait that long! especially after the ending they had too where they made you think that Alis had died and it was super dramatic because right before that he kisses Ai and then lets her go and pushes her through the black door to her own world. His reasoning was in Ai's world was because he had already died so he has a grave in Ai's world. HOWEVER while you think he's dead and on the verge of tears it shows him standing next to Ai as he grumbles "why did you have to save me?" but in an almost thankful but annoyed way.

While it was a great way to end I'm HOPING a "season 1" I'm not entirely sure if there will be a season 2 or not since there's going to be a special episode on the DVD. I hope there is because Ai's main goal was to "save the world" in some way shape or form but in the end of season 1 she ends up saving Alis and everyone stuck in that looping dimension.

ALSO my question is even though they "saved them" their so use to that life style I wonder how they'll cope with the world they've been basically forced to go to. I wonder if it really was "saving them" or if it was saving Alis and Dee? because Dee wouldn't have a physical body in the real world until that world was destroyed and Dee and Alis are the only ones from that world who had time to adapt to the real world when they escaped.. but what about everyone else?

I don't know I have mixed feelings about it but it was still a good ending overall for "season 1" but Ai has to save her own world still.

I ALSO wonder this because the Manga / Novel isn't finished yet either so I wonder if they'll make a season 2 when the novel's finished? smilies/icon_gonk.gifsmilies/icon_gonk.gif or an OVA at the very least but hopefully a season 2.