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Terminator 5 - Part 6
Derek and Serenia said nothing to each other on the way to John’s office. They figured they would stop by there to look for anything that could help them. When Serenia tried to walk, her legs felt like rubber, and Derek had to help her a ways. When they made it inside to the man behind the desk, the old man smiled, “You must be John Connor’s daughter. You have his eyes.” Serenia tried to smile back. The man handed her a small key. Then, she and Derek headed up the stairs.

When they got to John’s room, Serenia inserted the key. It stuck fast but the door eventually opened. The lights were out, but sunlight filtered through the window. The two peered around the room and stepped in. The first thing Serenia noticed was the jumble of papers on the floor next to the desk. She walked towards it and bent down to examine some of them. Most of them were recruitment papers for the new Resistance members. “I guess I’ll clean this mess up.” Derek said. Serenia nodded slowly and headed over to the bookshelf. Looking on all the shelves, she saw military training books, Science Fiction books, and a few photos.

One of the photos was of Derek and his brother Kyle as kids, with Serenia in the middle. Kate towered over them. They were all smiling. Serenia felt a pang of grief for a second, but ultimately pushed the picture down. She didn’t want Derek to see it. It’d be too hard for him.

Another photo was a professional picture taken of the three of them a few years after Serenia was born. Looking at the picture, she was reminded of a simpler time, her mother smiling happily, John grinning from ear to ear. She pushed this one down, too.

The last one was a bit older than the other two. She pulled it off the shelf and stared at her father as a young boy of 10 or 11. He was standing next to a young woman who was half-smiling. They were out in the desert next to a white house, its paint peeling. Serenia had never seen a picture of Sarah Connor before. She studied it for a long time until Derek gasped. It had grown so quiet that that tiny little noise caused Serenia to jump. She put the picture in her pocket and turned to him. “You almost gave me a heart attack. What?”

Derek was staring down at a piece of paper as Serenia came toward him. She leaned forward and looked, too. A tiny gasp escaped her throat, as well.
The two were looking at a set of blueprints and many diagrams, detailing a new Time Displacement of sorts. The big words that stood out to her were “GOING BOTH WAYS”. She and Derek met each other’s eyes. For a moment, there was some disbelief that passed between them, but as they examined the papers again, all doubt washed away.

“This is unreal.” Serenia said to break the ongoing silence. Derek nodded slowly. “Where do you think it is?” She asked. Derek shrugged and headed off toward the back of the office. Serenia had looked down at the diagrams again. She wondered how in the hell John managed to do all this. The original Time Displacement was Skynet’s doing. She shook her head, smiling. Derek called to her and she ran as fast as she could, all traces of her limp gone.

She found him in a small hallway standing in front of a locked door. Derek kept on shoving himself into it, which was doing no good at all. Luckily, the door was made of wood. Serenia took out her gun and slammed her entire bulk plus the butt of the gun against the door. It splintered as she fell into a pitch dark room. Derek caught her before she hit the ground. They walked forward together, and the first thing that hit them was the warm glow they felt in the room. Something was lightly illuminating the room, producing small amounts of heat and electricity. Derek felt along the walls for a light switch.

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