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Terminator 5 - part 3
Derek Reese got out of his car and stared at the small house in front of him. The paint was peeling all over it and two of the windows were boarded up with cardboard. He shut his car door and strolled to the house. He knocked twice and heard nothing. He knocked again and when it was apparent no once was coming to the door, he pushed it open.

Walking through the house, he checked every room, but found them all empty. Only until he came to a door at the back of the house. He opened it and walked down the stairs into the basement. He found Serenia in the middle of a workout. She was facing the opposite direction from him and slammed her fist repeatedly into a punching bag that she decorated to resemble a Terminator. Knowing her, she probably could punch a real Terminator and barely feel it.

Derek crept towards her and laid his hand on her shoulder. The reaction was immediate. She whirled around and smashed his jaw in. He fell backwards and landed on his back. “Damn Serenia!” She just shook her head, “Don’t sneak up on like that or next time you’ll lose your jaw completely.” When Serenia Connor made a threat, it was more like a promise than anything. She helped him to his feet and Derek rubbed his chin.

Serenia went back to bludgeoning the punching bag, “So, what’s up?” Derek moved his jaw around before speaking, “I spoke with your father this morning.” Serenia stopped what she was doing and turned around as Derek continued, “He and Kate were leaving their office this morning, which I just realized is across from mine, and said they’d be at a certain house around 1.” He raised his eyebrows up and down. Serenia just stared blindly. She snapped out of her trance, “You mean, they’re coming home!?” real emotion slipping out of her. Derek nodded and Serenia bolted up the stairs, still limping from her injury. Derek looked at the clock on the wall. It read 12:30 p.m. He smiled and followed her up the stairs.


John and Kate were heading down the street in their car when something silver darted in front of them. John slammed on the brakes. Kate looked around, “What was that?” She turned to look at John as he said, “I don’t know…but I think I’m gonna go find out,” He unbuckled his seatbelt and shut the car off. Kate unbuckled hers, too, but John told her to stay. “I’ll be right back.” Kate nodded and opened her door, but sat there, watching him walk away.

John checked out the front of the car, where he found a dent the size of a tennis ball. Must’ve been from whatever hit them. He walked on and saw something glinting silver in the sunlight. He stepped into the grass and picked it up, turning it over in his hands. “What the hell is a grenade doing out here?” he wondered aloud. He stood perplexed for a moment.

A gunshot snapped him out of his little trance.

John turned back to the car and looked at the passenger seat where his wife had previously been. The door stood ajar and he sprinted to the car. When he got to the passenger side door, what he saw made him go weak in the knees. Kate was lying inert on the concrete, a bullet wound through the side of her head. Blood began to pool on the cement. John fell to his knees by her side and checked her pulse, even though he already knew the result. He grabbed her hand and laid his head on the ground.

A rustling noise brought him back to the world and he whipped his head around to stare at the trees on the side of the road. A Terminator, in all its metallic glory, stepped out of the shadow of a tree and pointed its gun at John, who was too stunned to move. Its gun clicked empty. The machine continued to move closer, dragging a dead leg. John looked down at Kate, brought his eyes to the grenade, and then at the cyborg that just murdered his wife.

In a last ditch effort, he pulled the pin out of the grenade and threw it at the Terminator’s head. Upon making contact, the grenade exploded and John was thrown back against the side of the car. He landed next to Kate, his head smashing against the ground. As he felt his legs burning, and the feeling in them drained away, he grabbed Kate’s hand. If he was going to die, he wanted to go with his wife. “I’m sorry Serenia,” he whispered silently before he blacked out.

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