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Terminator 5 - part 2
John Connor was asleep at his desk. Light filtered through his window. His radio came to life and he snapped awake. The voice on the other line sounded desperate, “Connor! A whole group of Terminators showed up outside the office late last night. More than usual. There were about ten of those ********!” John groggily pressed the receive button and said, half asleep, “Are they all taken care of?” The voice paused for a second, “…Yeah…a bunch of the new kids took them down.” John replied, “Then, what does it matter?” The voice paused again, longer this time, “uh…I guess it doesn’t…you sound really tired. You’re working too hard.” John laughed and shut his radio off before the guy could keep talking.

John exhaled and laid his head back down on his desk. Only then did he notice that it was morning. He had stayed awake all night going through paperwork, while Kate was out treating injuries from the previous night’s battle, and his daughter was most likely fighting a horde of Terminators on the other side of town. He had only shut his eyes when the door to the office opened and his wife entered.

Once Kate saw John’s head lying on top of his desk and next to an enormous stack of paper, she came over to him and tousled his hair. She knew he hated that and she got the reaction she was hoping for. He jumped out of the chair and stood in front of the window. Kate laughed and stood next to him. For a 51 year old, he could still move pretty fast. He put his arm around her and they leaned against the windowsill. “Tough night?” Kate joked. John shook his head to clear his mind and replied, “Tough night for you?” Kate nodded thoughtfully and said, “Yeah, I guess…Had a bunch of people come in a few hours ago with some serious burns and gashes. Those damn Terminators are at it again with the nuclear weaponry…I also heard that a group of them attacked the office. Are you okay?” She looked at her husband with concern. John looked back at her with his tired eyes, “You know, I didn’t know about the attack outside the office until a few minutes ago. I must’ve fallen asleep before it. ******** paperwork!” He walked to his desk and shoved it all to the ground.

Kate laid her hands on his shoulders and he put his hands on his desk, inhaling frustratingly. Kate could feel how tense he was as he spoke, “I could’ve helped to do something. I mean, I’m the leader of the Resistance! Instead, I’m holed up in my office filing papers…” He glanced up at his clock on the wall. It read 11:00 a.m. He turned to Kate, who looked at the clock and smiled. “Is your paperwork all done?” She glanced at the mess on the floor and John laughed, “Yeah, it’s done.” Kate looked down the small hallway to a door in the back, “What about your project?” John smiled. “It’s finally done. I think it’s time we paid someone a visit.”

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