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Terminator 5 - part 1
A young woman stepped among the rubble of metal and machine endoskeletons that littered the street. The air lit up around her with purple laser beams. The sounds of explosive devices filled her ears. She held an electrified automatic weapon in her hands and looked left and right, scanning the area. As she walked over a pile of scrap metal, the pile moved and a metallic arm reached out and grabbed hold of her leg. She fell to the concrete and turned to the pile of metal. She took aim and fired right at the Terminator’s head as it emerged. The bullet made contact with the machine’s head and sparks erupted from it, as its glowing red eyes died, and its arm fell to the ground. The girl stood up and kicked it a couple times. Seeing no movement, she moved on, her weapon still raised.

The young woman came upon a group of men dressed exactly as she was, all wearing the same Resistance uniform. She wasn’t wearing her jacket, however, and some of these men who had never seen her before gawked at her muscular arms. Years of constant training and blood, sweat, and tears, got her to where she was now: Roaming around the night, looking for Terminators to kill. She was brought up by her father to despise these machines, for they caused nothing but disaster for the world.

The oldest of the group, 26 year old Derek Reese, took one look at the girl and ran over to her. He lifted his light to her face and saw a large scrape across her cheek. She was also limping slightly. He looked at her with concern, “Serenia, what happened?” Serenia looked at her partner and just shook her head. When Derek didn’t drop his light, she sighed and confessed, “Okay…a Terminator grabbed my ankle and I fell...” Derek stared at her with a questioning look, and she quickly continued, “But, the stupid machine’s not functional anymore. I shot it. You worry too much.” Derek smiled at her and put his arm around her shoulder. She tried to pull away, but it was no use.

One of the younger guys in the group stepped forward and demanded to know who this girl was. “I’ve never seen her before. She could be a Terminator for all we know!” The others joined in with a chorus of “Yeah!” and they all stepped forward. Serenia folded her arms and stared these kids down. Although most of them were older that she was, they were acting like children. “You don’t know who I am, do you?” They all turned to each other and shook their heads. Derek whispered in her ear, “New recruits…” Serenia nodded. She took a step forward and they all instinctively took a step back. She laughed.

Serenia pulled off her jacket, which was tied around her waist, and tossed it to the young man in front. He caught it. “You wanna know who I am? You tell me.” The man looked at the name stitched into the front of the jacket and read aloud, “Connor...” He took a second look and then stared at the girl in front of him. She nodded. He came right up to her, “Connor? You mean THE Connor? Like, John Connor?” Serenia smiled, “Yeah, I’m his daughter.” The guys continued to gawk at her and she punched the first kid’s nose. “Quit staring at me and get back to work!” The guy walked away, rubbing his bloody nose.

“Harsh…” Derek whispered, laughing slightly. Serenia turned to him and saw something move out of the corner of her eye. She aimed her gun and Derek turned around. About ten cyborgs, all metallic, strode towards them. Serenia backed up and Derek pulled out his gun. Both of them fired at the oncoming machines and almost simultaneously, two Terminators fell to the grass.

The group of new recruits heard the gunshots and came to join them. Together, they all fired their guns, one of the guys wielding a phased plasma rifle. They ended up running out of bullets just as the last Terminator fell. Smoke billowed from its head and the light of its eyes died. Serenia sighed and sat down in the street. The new guys slowly backed up, horrified looks on their faces, and ran in the opposite direction. Cowards… Derek watched them go and sat down next to Serenia. The night lit up with laser beams all around them. Serenia didn’t even seem to notice. She had taken out a small photo and was staring at it in the dim light of the night.

She looked down at the small picture of her smiling parents. The picture was taken before she was born. She looked at the photo every day for fear that she may not see them again for a long time, which seemed to be the case. They were never home, and very rarely did they ever send their daughter a message, except on her Birthday. They had even missed her 18th Birthday, which was only two months prior. They never even seemed to cross paths on the battlefield. She didn’t even know where her father’s office was. She sighed again and Derek finally took notice of the photo. Smiling, he playfully grabbed it out of Serenia’s hands and looked at it. She started clawing for it and ended up shoving him to the ground, prying the picture from his hands.

Derek sat up and looked at her, as she slid the photo back into the pocket of her jacket. His smile faded as she stood up and walked away. Derek got to his feet and ran after her, “Where are you going?” Serenia didn’t even turn as she limped off, and replied, “Home.” Derek saw no reason to try to argue with her. She should be out on the battlefield, but as he turned to the sky, it began to get lighter. Dawn was approaching, which meant a hopeful end to the constant fighting, at least until the sun went down again.

Derek ran his hand through his blond hair and looked at the building next to him, with a single light on near the top floor, then to the mass of machines lying inert next to it. He wondered who would still be in their office this late. He shook his head and headed inside, up to his own office and his somewhat comfortable bed.

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