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If I even cut myself once I get disgraced and be called a cutter, or a "Emo wanna be" I can't stand it i need to cut right now as it is, My teachers and my family and even friends of friends of even more friends, calls me names, yes I do have a slight mental problem, but they keep calling me stupid a** ******** whore, I wish you were never born, I hope you get hit by a car and die, Your a piece of s**t, your nothing, your worthless, slut, b***h, a** whole, stupid, attention whore, freak, loser, ugly, emo, not enough, fat, fake, and a mental sociopath,

I just need a break from everything, cutting gives me a self in mind, it gives me this attachment it's like a new emotion, that I'm physically, and mentally stable with, I understand if you think I'm all those names because when you say them I start to believe them,

my temporary relief turns into shame and grief then it turns into emotional suffering and that turns into emotional overload which leads me into breaking stuff and then that turns into me panicking, then I self-harm, i can't help it i feel like the blade I'm holding in my hand is my only friend to help me relieve my ******** anger, pain, sorrow, and relief, i think i need help.