Blood pumping,
Heart racing,
Your breath is short.
Sweat dripping down,
Fear strong in your eyes.
Your heart is thumping,
Hard against your chest as your minds is bracing,
Itself for any sort,
Of pain that could drown,
Your senses as your tries,
To escape become further away.
Chances on living are growing closer to impossible.
Blood seeps out from your many cuts.
As your muscles ache and beg,
For you to stop,
Your deepest fear is now closer on its way,
To making it highly possible,
To capture you which drives you nuts,
And full of insanity as pain shoots up your leg.
As you look down to see the blood drop,
Onto the ground.
Your body slows down and becomes heavy.
Hair glistening with sweat,
Your vision begins to blur.
Your mind goes blank and you utter a quiet sound.
Like an unstable levee,
You fall down as your death is soon to be met.
Blackness begins to take over and your words are all a slur.
Your fear surrounds your body and soul,
Smelling your fresh dripping blood.
Its hunger grows,
And becomes deep.
As it descends,
Everything flashes and dims like burning coal.
You sit up as your senses flood,
Back into reality and time slows,
Down and you realize you were only asleep,
Having a horrific dream.
Fresh tears begin to fall,
As your body shakes.
Agony and fear fill you,
As you look at your trembling hands.
Tears become a steady stream,
As your breathing ends,
Which makes,
You gasp and be thankful it is all through,
And done with the cruel dream's demands.