Uka Yukeno
Community Member
Peaceful Rainy Day
I walk alone on this cold stone
Road, shivering in the rain.
My clothes and hair, soaked to the bone,
Some days are just a pain.

I continue on the empty road knowing soon
I'd come up to my house,
And after walking under the bright moon,
I could use warm liquids and a dry blouse.

I cross into my yard and smile,
For my horse is waiting there at the gate.
He'll see me coming from a mile,
Even when I'm running late.

I pat his head and go inside,
And look for the bucket with his treats.
It's always his reward from me
For waiting on me, it's sweet.

I give him his treat and go back inside,
Where there's a nice warm fire crackling.
I live alone so someone must've come by
But who would have done such a nice thing?

I shrug it off and change right there
Beside the toasty fire,
Leaving my clothes to dry with warm air,
I get in my evening attire.

I get out some roast beef to snack on
And lay there snug on the couch,
And with a faint little yawn,
I set down my school pouch.

The cat curls up beside me,
And I cuddle her to my chest.
Being the only cat who stayed,
She really is the best.

I smile just before I fall asleep,
Thinking of the peaceful day,
For most days are emotionally deep,
But happier days are for what I pray.

It may be just me,
But I'm not alone,
And I don't plan to flee,
For this truely is my home.

Sadness doesn't go away. Pain demands to be felt.