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Character Description
Character Name: Lerato (song of my soul)
I think he might need some work.....

Character Name: Lerato (song of my soul)

Species/Race: metahuman

Gender: Male

Apparent Age: 30 (does not look his age)

Month of Birth:

Height: 6’8

Weight: 275

Physical Description: Latin/Italian, Black hair that looks windswept/ just got out of bed look, light hazel eyes, muscular but not overly, handsome in a rugged/dark way, has a scar from the bottom of the left eyebrow diagonal to about the nose line,

Usual Wardrobe: Lerato can be found wearing; on occasion black slacks, a red button up dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, a few of those buttons undone, black shoes and a fedora with a red stripe around the middle. When he wants to be comfortable he wears; dark colored jeans, a red/dark teal/white button up shirt with a few buttons undone, black converse, his fedora and his leather “biker” jacket. Carries his grandfather’s guitar with him always.

Behavior/Personality: He loves women, big, small, old, young, he is a classic flirt. He hardly takes off his fedora or leaves his guitar behind. No one is allowed to touch either. He always has a book in his had, mostly titles like “101 pickup lines” “How to woo a woman in 10 easy steps!” “How to compliment a woman without getting harmed.” He comes from “old money” most of his family is involved with the mob. He just wants to travel and share his talent.

Quirks: He loves to flirt, but he can be cheesy and bad at it. He is a bit clumsy around women.

Skills: He can sing, play the guitar, and violin, he can dance quite well,

Abilities: Can manipulate sound waves, and others feelings with them.

Strengths: He is quite strong, epically if someone is in trouble,

Weaknesses: A crying woman or kid, he freaks out and will do anything to make them stop. If you truly wish to wound him, tell him that he isn’t a very good musician, he will then go into his “emo corner” and cry.

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