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Just Random Sh*t and Rants
This is Froggylicker's Journal.
One dead, three injured on September 18, 2013
One dead, three injured after motorcycle crashes into female high school students

On that day, it was a sad day. The whole week was depressing and sad. This unfortunate incident happened just outside of my school that I go to at lunch which was 11:10am to 11:50am. So what happened was, 3 girls were jaywalking to the pizza store but they got hit by a motorcycle. One of the girls died, another was seriously injured and needed surgeries and the other girl was just released on Friday.

At the time that this had happened, I was just eating lunch and when the bell rang to get get everyone into class, outside of the school, a helicopter landed on the gravel field outside. Lots of people were curious and decided to go look at it and some people took pictures and tweeted, texted and basically social media'd it. Then the school was in code yellow and it was in lock down because then there wouldn't be any wandering students in the way. In my food's class which was the last class of the day one of my grade 12 friends was escorted to the office by a teacher and she never came back. The school didn't dismiss students at the normal time. They kept students in just to confirm and explain the issue. In a shaky voice, the principal announced that one of the students that was involved in the accident had passed away.

Later that day, I found out who had passed away because the grade 12's knew. I was shocked to hear it was Amarpreet. I knew her since grade 8 and she was a really nice person. I was good friends with her in grades 8 and 9. But i had stopped talking to her after that because we didn't see each other a lot. Every once in a while we would greet each other but that's about it. The next day, Many people were sad because they knew her. Many did not come to school on Thursday but if they did then they tried really hard to come to school because of this. There was counselling in the library to the people who needed it. In my math class in the first block of Thursday, some people had to step out. Some people stared into space. It was a really emotional day. I was really depressed on that day. The other two girls were also identified. I didn't know the other girl but I knew Jaspreet because we had talked to each other in the past. I wondered how they would take on the news.

I can imagine what the parents feel like. Seeing their kid off to school and never seeing them coming back.. smilies/icon_crying.gif

My prayers go out to the families and close friends of Amarpreet. SS

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