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So you wanna play with magic
Boy, you should know what you're falling for
Baby, do you dare to do this?
Cuz I'm comin' atcha like a dark horse

Are you ready for, ready for
A perfect storm, perfect storm
Cuz once you're mine, once you're mine
There's no going back

Ammunition: Daniel Defense (27), Glock (10), S&W (6)
Supplies: backpack (first aid kit, two cans of spaghetti in tomato sauce, change of clothes, magazines for her guns, a blanket, cigarettes and a lighter, rolling papers, and a half full bottle of Jack Daniels, and a large bottle of water), Daniel Defense, Glock 17, Smith & Wesson 586, 6 inch Ka-bar, rope, and a fantasy novel

xoxoxoxoThe first paragraph will go here. Let me just ramble on here to explain that I'm going to be using this character for a zombie apocalypse story I had in mind, and I needed a bad a** girl that everyone could fall in love with. She seems like the cocky type, but she's really a sweet girl. Seriously, guys, I don't want her to be that b***h! She has some tendency to be one, of course, and it's not something you really wanna see. Hence some of her ex's saying the crash was devastating.

xoxoxoxoWhat I'm trying to say is, she's that one girl you knew who took everything to the extreme. Wanted to create some tension in her life, but never really called for the drama. It seemed to follow her, but instead of dealing with it, she panics and throws things out of proportion.

xoxoxoxoIf she were to talk, I'd probably colour it like this, "Maybe a nice slate blue to make her seem innocent, yet dark? Playful, but mysterious? I don't know what this colour would represent, but it's just so pretty!"