Phoebe Majere
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Quinn Sorkin (zombie apocalypse character)

Phoebe Majere

On My Papers:
xoxoxoQuinn Harley Sorkin
xoxoxoMunitions Expert
xoxoxoDaniel Defense, Glock-17, Smith & Wesson 586, 6 inch Ka-bar
xoxoxoSt. George, Utah, USA

On The Surface:
xoxoxoShoulder length brown hair with blonde streaks, hair to frame the face, darker on the bottom
xoxoxoSlim, toned
xoxoxo5' 6"
xoxoxoNose piercing, two in right ear, three in left ear, tattoo of 'Destiny' on her right forearm; 'Fate' on her left, tattoo of (something) on her right shoulder and upper arm

Beneath The Surface:
xoxoxoCondescending - believes everyone is ignorant of firearm use and safety
xoxoxoConfident - knows she's attractive and has nothing to hide, believes in herself
xoxoxoOverly-attached - when you get in close with her, she will fight to the death for you, which she sometimes shows in weird ways, whether it be constantly being around you to making you weird gifts or poems

xoxoxoTattoos - on men, on women, doesn't matter, she thinks they're just unbelievable on anybody
xoxoxoGuns - they've been around her her whole life, and knows what an asset they can be
xoxoxoIntimacy - basically, whenever you get to, you do

xoxoxoLiars/cheaters - she's been hurt a little too many times and this has become her most hated characteristic in people
xoxoxoBugs - including spiders, she can't stand creepy crawlies all over her
xoxoxoArrogance - even in herself, but the blatant disregard for others, in any situation, the 'I-don't-care' attitude drives her insane

The Root Of It All:
xoxoxoNo relation to Arleen Sorkin (the original voice of Harley Quinn in the Batman series), although her name bears a similar resemblance to the famous cartoon character. Born in St. George, Utah she was opened to the world of guns at a very young age, her father and older brother both incredibly interested in the history, making of, and use of guns. She became interested shortly after her father's first heart attack (she was nine), realizing that he wasn't going to be around forever and they had never really bonded. Moved out with her brother when she was eighteen (he was 26 at the time) to attend the college nearby. She took psychology, kinesiology, and a few side courses that may show up later. Her first serious relationship ended quite horribly, making her practically distance herself from everybody. Over time, she came back to her normal state of being a little more trusting, but she still retains an air of silent independence, eventually drawing people to her. While in a relationship, her ex's would say it was like being on drugs: the high was amazing, but the crash was devastating, bringing everyone involved down. Some would say she was bat-s**t crazy, others would say she was a once in awhile deal, one other would say the love of their life that was never meant to be.
She smokes cigarettes and marijuana whenever it is found, has sexual intercourse with her lover (whoever it is at the time) whenever and wherever they can, drinks alcohol whenever she can, spontaneous at best, believes organized religion is illogical but is not in any way judgmental of people follow a religious sect. Has dated both men and women and has no real preference, depends on her mood.

Posting Colours:
xoxoxoSlate blue and black

Theme Song:

"It's easy to fall in love. The hard part is finding someone to catch you."