"I strongly believe that anyone who smokes weed for ANY purpose deserves the instant death penalty without trial."

"You're just mixing my words so that you could possibly use them in a hostile manner."

This right here is "********" at its finest. Mr. ******** Balls condemns all weed smokers to death, then cries about someone getting hostile towards him; "Straight Edge" rhetoric all night long.

So, condemning people to death is in no way hostile; not one tiny minuscule of a percentage? It's completely "rational"? I've seen some horrible sociopaths with some lack of empathy towards anyone, but this takes the cake.

Not even my own sociopathic enterprise can hold up to such convoluted practices. At least I can acknowledge that condemning people to death is hostile; I do it all the time, but god damn, talk about the perfect definition of the "Calm Killer". Also, a moral supremacist is on the loose.

Oh how I'm so glad I threw in that "Straight Edge" towel long ago.