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Angel in Limbo City
Andria's Bio
Alexandria Arkaidia (prefers Andria)

Race: Fallen Angel- Human

A pale-skinned young woman with Ice-green eyes and a small ice colored mark between them that is shaped like a V and a sideways D overlapping. She has Crimson-red hair to her shoulder-blades that has been streaked with raven-black which she keeps pulled up in a ice-blue butterfly clip with two long curled strand falling around her face. She has both ears pierced five times with black steel and UV blue earrings that match the ones in her snakebite and her moon and sun belly-button ring as well as her nipples. She also has a silver tongue ring that reads “Bite Me” on the ball. The word “Mercy” is tattooed at the top of her shoulders as well as the words “last to know” on her left wrist and “Last to Kill” on her right wrist.

She prefers very little make-up and jewelry, going with dark, thick eyeliner and red lipstick with black or midnight blue nail polish and a few glow-in-the-dark/black gel bracelets to just eyeliner and formal jewelry (a silver and blue necklace)

Fallen form- A state that she comes into with high emotions, normally Anger or sorrow. Her skin takes on the complexion of white marble and her crimson wings stay visible and seem to drip blood. Her voice seems to echo from around her instead of coming from her mouth, and her lips are stained red. Deep crimson tears run from her eyes, this is blood tears. Her eyes take on a void like color where the green in silver and her pupil is white ringed with just a small amount of black. Her movements are shifty and almost doll like in this form.


Andria likes to wear as little as possible around her hotel room and likes to outshine most humans. Her favorite outfits include:

Black V-neck wild turkey shirt that has three large cuts across the stomach with tight faded black jeans that have blue angel wing details on the back pockets and fell over black combat boots or black stiletto heels.

A slimming,short, strapless black dress with black stockings and black with blue accents stiletto heels. Her hair is normally left loose in curls.

A icey dark blue long formal gown that is strapless and low-cut, white stockings with blue heels. Her hair is most of the time up in a formal bun or a decorative hairstyle with white and ice blue clips.

A loose black see-through shirt with a blue rose design on the front over a black lacey bra, blue silk pj short-shorts and white socks. (more of her “im about to go to sleep but not quite yet” outfit)

Black scrubs with a blue lanyard for her Id and black and blue sneaker.


Andria was raised human, the adopted daughter of a rich doctor and a Singer, both of whom paid no really mind to her other then public appearance and gifts, she had everything handed to her as a child, taking up many classes to fill the time that she had alone, including learning how to defend herself, Computer skills(including hacking), painting and playing classic music, use a multitude of weapons, though her favorite is a black and red Okatana which she was gifted by a teacher. She started rebelling as a Teenager when she had learned all she could from most of her classes and had started having dreams of fighting demons and of a man surrounded by blue light around. To cope with the lack of real family she started Singing. Even with rebelling, she never missed school and excelled in all her classes, finishing early and graduating to be a nurse at her foster father’s hospital where she found out about herself being an angel hybrid when her real father was a patient there. To keep her human foster parents from harm, she ran away and has been living in hotels for 4 years until she met a medium. Hacker that let her move in to a loft apartment. She still works at the hospital from time to time but most of the time she takes bar-tending jobs when she needs to, though she had a secret account from her real father that has all the money that she lives off of. She likes to come off as a provocative young singer more then a high class nurse.

She is witful, strong, smart and good at anything she puts her mind to.

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