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So was bored and finally deiced to play through School days HQ visual novel OH OH THE FEELS EVERYWHERE..

anyways yes I played through Katsura's first good ending ark and it was adorable as expected but at the same time I felt REALLY bad for Sekia even though I don't care for her much but there was so much emotion it was enough to make me feel bad for her.

I then played Sekias first good ending Ark which was good but I felt bad being so mean to Katsura and yet some how I got Sekias friends ending no idea how that happened honestly

and then my third time I played off as being between the 2 in a middle ground area which had 2 ways it could go depending on who you chose to sleep with last.

(1) if you sleep with Katsura last Sekia disappears for 6 months and your planning on marrying Katsura because shes prego but at the last minute sekia appears again prego also and kilsl Mokoto and he's like "im so glad your ok i was so worried i always loved you" and sekias like AHHHH NOO and runs away which made me lol a bit because the japanese voice for it sounded a bit off some how i felt bad for katsura though because she was sooo happy that they were going to marry! T___T

(2) if you sleep with Sekia both the girls live with you and are prego and you end up with 2 lovers who are ok if you sleep with either or I was like.. WHAAAAAT happy ending for all I guess.. >_> but still...