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Keep calm and Panic
Its just a collection of dreams, dream avatars, and weird life moments
I remember when Scatmon first showed up. it was 2005 6 years after the fall of the Dark Masters. Of course i was oblivious to them..but then again I was only 5. The Dark Masters was none of my business. Nor would I have cared. but one breezy cold day in October an egg just popped out of a Magic Portal in a creepy haunted house. You probably wanna know why I was there in the first place. Well...I was following a Demidevimon. The little bat had flown by me in a Panic so i got curious and followed it to the old house. He didn't even notice me. As i was getting ready to leave I heard Demidevimon gasp. Curious I turned around, I had sworn it had seen me but instead it was focusing at a magic portal that had opened right in front of the old staircase Piedmon plopped out of the portal and the egg followed suit. But the weird thing was Piedmon wasn't solid. In fact you could almost see through him. He approached me with the egg and gave it to me before slowly fading away. (He finds Mura and swallows his conscience so he can communicate with me us via telepathy but that is not our story.) not long after that he hatched to become a strange wisp of purple fire called Willomon and digivolved to a small imp with fire for hair called DemiScatmon before finally becoming Scatmon. Growing up together we became best Friends. The rest will be finished tomorrow.

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