told you. Once I start writing, it just keeps going...

today marks one week that I've officially been in Nashville.

Some things are not as I expected; others, just as I imagined.

It looks to be an awesome group of kids this semester, and look forward to getting to know them better.

... and finally getting over my complex with talking to guys and stuff. Because ya know, when they outnumber you at least 2:1, it's hard NOT to talk to them.

So self-confidence, please stay with me.

We've had an awesome start already, visiting world-famous producers and visiting the Grammy office and pontooning and schtuff. We have a lovely apartment, complete with a patio and a killer view.

The roommates are good, and we actually get along quite nicely.

Which is good, because there are only 9 girls in the program.

And 29 students total, I believe.

Monday starts the first normal day, and we shall go like that for a good 6 weeks before tour prep, then tour itself, then winding down afterwards.

Every week is centered around Thursday night, when we put on a show. And guess what? Our business track gets to run the whole operation. Which is rather intimidating.

And looking back at last semester's tour, it's horrifying to think how much crap we have to do to get our tour organized.

On one hand, I'm off-the-walls excited to actually be doing this stuff; on the other, I'm sitting here thinking, "What have I got myself into this time??...."

Beautiful day today. I should get out and enjoy it...

Motivation is at 0%. I wrote my two emails this morning, so I'm good for the day.

First was to give a few contact info things.

Second was to detail which artists I'd like to work with this semester.

Which is actually quite nerve-wracking.

I have to pick two people, whom I have only known a mere week, to work with the rest of this semester.

Also, being it is only the first week, I'm not okay with there already being hints of boy drama.

not like drama drama, but people are eyeing each other already. Not cool.

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In any case, it is just about noon. Two hours until I catch a ride with some people to explore this new city. So, possibly read, shower, work out or wander around...