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Lost Reflections
A place for me to ramble about stuff and all the musicians I love. If you want to look for it, I've got some stories I wrote buried in here.
Jillian Michaels Quotes Part 4
*to Michelle* "You can tell me you choose to quit, that you choose to be less than what god intended, but don't ever tell me that you can't do it." *claps*

"You don't need to rest! You've been resting for YEARS!!"

"We don't quit at the end, this is where you finish strong."

Contestant--"I just need to rest." Jillian's response-- "You've rested for years! GET UP!"

"Take your hands off the treadmill or I will break off your arm and beat you with it!" Threatening with bodily harm again I see.

"If the food doesn't grow from the ground or have a mother, DON'T EAT IT!"

"Feel the fear. Do it anyway!"

*has full blown rage face* "ARE YOU? OR ARE YOU NOT!!" The poor old woman Jillian was screaming at.

From season 1:
*Contestants are doing sit-ups and complaining*
Jillian: If I hear one more damn complaint, I'm adding 50 reps.
*Lisa sits straight up* Lisa: 50!!?
Jillian: *curses* Damn it! Now it's a hundred! Yeah, don't complain when Jillian says don't complain.

[To Nate]"You did it. It was awful, it was hell, but you did it, and you didn't quit." One of my favorite contestants ever! [Season 14]

"You're capable of anything, honey." She said this to Danni in Season 14 towards the end. It was so sweet.

"You've gotta push through the terror of failing."

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