Mirika Barefoot
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So I am back to requesting art again. I just love other their people art so much.

You can find my forum post here.

Yesterday my favourite teacher also complimented me at school on that I was doing so much better than in my previous projects. It's just that since my last project (a horror game) I finally started being able to work on my own. Everything was MY responsibility. It helped me advance in my work big-time.

I am now working on a 2D action game with loads of goblins. I can't give out too many details though, in case I can actually find a programmer to make this for me.
But this project the only thing I have to do (as designer) is make all art work, since we only have two programmer's in class.
Thank god we don't need a full game then.

I know I've skipped some subject of the days. I've been trying to think of a subject that I can actually ramble about. Maybe YouTubers?
I don't know. I'll eventually ramble about them too.

As for now, please check out my art thread, I'd appreciate it!

I also request art of my LOTRO character.