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Here we go Again
September 11, 2013
Hey everyone hows your day? Im not sure how my day is really going but thanks for askin. Today was actually a really emotional day. I woke up this morning and everything was great. I was in a good mood i dressed all pretty, i wore make up, i did my hair in this cute little sock bun and jst had a good morning. But as soon as i got to work it blew the mood. All my co-workers were in a grumpy mood. I had gotten there maybe 30 minutes before i had to start working n went to the stock room and i walked into a whole bunch of drama. One of my assistant managers jessica was arguing with james raymond and james dee was yelling at both of them to shut up. It didnt really help cuz the music was on full blast. I could even hear myself think. smilies/icon_eek.gif smilies/burning_eyes.gif
It wasnt until it hit 12:30pm my manager Bertha got to work even in a worse mood. I was with a customer cashing them out and i was going to ask her a question that the costumer was asking me and all she said was no without me even askin it yet. To the costumer she said n her rude voice..''what ever it is No. We do want it.'' I had felt so embarrass i couldnt even stop apologizing. I hate when people are jst so rude.
Now finally the most worse feelin is how im feeling now. Have u ever self so alone to were all u wanna do is jst leave? Well thats exactly how i feel right now. I was driving around today after work and i didnt even come home. And still havent even been home. Im sitting here at the park trying so hard not to ball. I found this one perfect spot here in the woods where i new i can go when i need to get away and it has been the spot where i can find my center. I remember i came here one night after hanging out with some friends. If i remeber correctly it was 2:00am n i didnt want to go home. I went there n sat on my rock n cried. For a full hour i cried about what happened in the past. But i can say after all that i felt great. I came bck home n jst fell asleep. Which i should do now.
I think i should really be heading home now. Moms probably wondering were i am. Which probably isnt true either wise she would of called me by now. Well ill talk to you soon guys. Bye smilies/icon_heart.gif

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