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The Perfect Tattoo
The Perfect Tattoo

Everyone wants a tattoo, right? Well, here is a quick and easy way to obtain the "Red Roses Arm Tattoo." If you're too lazy to follow these easy instructions, you can always purchase the tattoo in the Marketplace. That is if it's available. If not, just follow these instructions and you'll have your own classy rose tattoo in no time.

First, collect one red ink and two green inks either from Daily Chance or purchase them in the Marketplace. Next, go to the Skin Tyte shop and click "buy tattoos" under Natasha's picture. Then scroll down to find "Red Roses Arm Tattoo when the catalog shows up. Once you have highlighted "Red Roses Arm Tattoo," click "exchange." Last, click "yes" to confirm. You will find the tattoo in your inventory and you can equip it, you did it!

Remember, purchasing this tattoo will cost you one red ink, two green inks and approximately 20 gold. (What a deal!) The best part about this tattoo is that, unlike a real tattoo, this one can be equipped or removed with the click of your mouse. Try trying that with a real tattoo! (Just kidding. Don't get a tattoo without your parents' consent.) I hope you've enjoyed this exercise. Let me know whether you liked this or not either by PM, a comment on my profile or by a response to this article itself.

Most of all have fun!