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Melee Attacks Rings

See Also Comparison of Melee Attack Rings
Ring: Bump
Ring: Dervish
Ring: Fire Rain
Ring: Hack
Ring: Mantis
Ring: Slash Ranged Attacks Rings

See Also Comparison of Ranged Attack Rings
Ring: Guns, Guns, Guns
Ring: Heavy Water Balloon
Ring: Hornets Nest
Ring: Hot Foot
Ring: Hunter's Bow
Ring: Shark Attack
Ring: Shuriken
Ring: Solar Rays
Crowd Control Rings
Ring: Duct Tape
Ring: Gumshoe
Ring: Quicksand
Ring: Scaredy Cat
Ring: Taunt Defense Rings
Ring: Improbability Sphere
Ring: Pot Lid
Ring: Rock Armor
Ring: Teflon Spray
Ring: Turtle
Healing Rings

See Also Comparison of Healing Rings
Ring: Bandage
Ring: Defibrillate
Ring: Diagnose
Ring: Healing Halo
Ring: Meat
Ring: Wish Stat Mods Rings
Ring: Coyote Spirit
Ring: Divinity
Ring: Fitness
Ring: Fleet Feet
Ring: Ghost
Ring: Iron Will
Ring: Keen Aye
Ring: My Density
Ring: Sweetheart
Ring: Fortune's Favor
Ring: Sugar Rush
Ring: Adrenaline
Ring: Knife Sharpen

i have no idea how many pixils that is but w/e