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My lil journal
This is a place for me to vent and rant without anyone really giving a ******** what I have to say.
Been awhile hasn't it? I know none of you care for me but that cool because I play the a*****e role in life. As all of you should know...I'm drunk...that is the only time I seem to use this. Why you may ask do I play the part of the a*****e? It's a simple reason. Other people pushed that onto me and I chose to play the part to make their lives easier. People tell me that at heart that I'm a nice guy. But then again...tell that to miss Chii and Whatshername...They always ask me questions and when I answer they say that I make it about me...WTF? After X number of years, you ask me why I'm screwed up and I tell you and then you guys says it's all about me?I'm sorry I guess?

I know you all think I'm a self centered a*****e but really I don't care what happens to me. Why you might ask? Because no one means s**t in the long run and I know that for a fact. Hell for ******** fact, I'm 22 years old and have tried to off myself 4 times now. Do you know what I learnt from trying to do that? I've learnt to laugh at myself for trying to off myself. I jumped off a bridge one time and you know what? Me and my friends laugh about it to this day. We all joke that I was drunk and I thought that I could fly.

Back to the moral of the story...I know you all think that I'm a self centered a*****e but at the end of the day, I care for other people then I do myself.

Drunk rant over.


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