Since I started high school everyone there has been nothing, but kind and helpful to us freshmen. But, most of us can't escape bullies or the sometimes dreaded popular kid, who thinks their better than everyone else, I sadly had to deal with one myself by the name of Lauren Young the most obnoxious girl, she constantly cried, whined, complained, shouted, and tried to put some people down.

Me and her have never gotten along since elementary school, we've constantly have shout and even argued with each other. she always tried to make herself seem like the nicest girl in the world when really she wanted people to treat her kindly when she barely does that to anyone for example, one time at our middle school at lunch a special needs boy, named Dustin, who was the sweetest thing tried to hug her and screamed and backed away from him. I mean all he wanted was a hug and that was a hugger, so I gave him one when she didn't.

I mean she always acted like something small, was the end of the damn world like she'd be hung for having the sixth grade physical education teacher put excessive talking on her report card to whining about taking a picture with the outdoors club durning a hike because her eye lid had a bump on it.

But, we know most popular people use their popularity to put others down because, they feel that person is pretty enough, cool enough, or even cute enough to be apart of their little world. While other's who are popular use it to help others like run fundraisers, help others, befriending those who don't have friends, and helping those who really need it are counted in this group.

But we know the fifty percent of the time, those popular kids wind up being criminals, drug addicts, prostitues, and other bad things while the rest of us go off and get famous, married a great guy, high paying jobs, and some many other great things in life because of karma.

So if bullies or cruel popular kids are picking on you remember, they could wind up in a very shitty shitty life in the future.