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Just a few random thoughts.
Promises(?) Screw the catchy name part. "Broken Promises" sounds like a whiny song. "Honor your own word" sounds preachy. "Today's word of the day is credibility" waaaay too sesame street-y.
I'm trying my hardest to not make this seem like it's calling one single person out or not. Technically isn't. But a few apply to multiple people around me.

If you make some kind of plan, and I hear it / or am involved. Do it. Don't say it to make me or somebody else happy or anything like that. If you can't honor your own word how does that make you look? Like a hypocrite (especially when you complain about others never doing what they say), like a liar, see how none of those are good?
They just make you look unreliable and untrustworthy. It reaches a point where your word is about as good as the last sheet of toilet paper in a taco bell bathroom.

I actually speak on this out of experience, hell ..I'm sure everybody has somebody close lie to them. Like I really need to add an example. But hey.. I'm feeling helpful enough to give a few:

-To give up a sick habit you had.. then no more than months later go right back to doing it, or back at it hardcore. (Thanks, to the man I had to call "Dad" most of my childhood.)

-To promise you wouldn't do something bad anymore, then going back to it to support your habits. (Once again, shout out to "dad", stealing from his family being an example of this. I know it looks like the first example but they're pretty different.)

-To say "you and I should only -do something- on a certain day" and go against it. Even going great lengths to cover your tracks.

-To promise somebody you'd see them, make them wait around forever and never show.

-To promise somebody you'd stop hanging around somebody else (one reason or another, too many to list) then sneak around and still do so.

-To promise somebody you'd eventually talk to them about something and never do so. (Also kinda insulting you think they'd forget this in awhile. If it matters a lot to a person, they'd remember. Or why else would they even ask in the first place?)

-To say you'll send somebody something and never do so. Few people fall into this category. Most importantly a family member lately. They're unable to travel but promised me they'd send something I was genuinely interested in about half a year ago. (It's November when this was added.)

If you can't live up to a promise or rule you try to set up, why even suggest it?
Some of us don't have problem with remembering, some of us let these broken promises make us bitter and resentful. Sure it's sounding like a lecture, I just wanted to put this out here.
But why change for anybody, but yourself? I'm completely aware this entry is viewable, don't care about the feedback (if any). I got what I needed to say off my chest. Educated some curious viewer on a few personal things even. But to me, I can only trust a person based on their word. I know I'm not the only one.

Grow a pair, and just hit "SEND".
So here lately, I've been stuck on debating whether to send something to a few certain people or not. I got it all drafted and am finally happy with how it'll read. Yet when push comes to shove, I stop myself from sending the message or even bringing it up. There's three people right now this applies to, not that they frequent this site. (Heck one of them quit this place and I've already stated I'm glad for them on that choice). But I wont use names and it'll be vague.

Reeses/Starbucks - This person has been there for me since the break up. So when I lost one pretty great person in September of last year, this person I'm talking about now became the person I tried to talk to everyday. But I feel like if I don't start a conversation with them they wont talk of their own as much. I understand they have their own life, as I do as well. They've helped me through some issues earlier this year, that I probably wouldn't have made it through on my own. So I kind of got a bit attached. I've never been more excited to talk to somebody over the phone as I am with reeses/starbucks, lol. When I get a text I get excited hoping it's them. Lately, I found out they share the same concerns and frustrations I do. I couldn't help but get more attached through the shared common ground we have. So after a recent talk, I've typed something meant for them, but can't bring myself to hit send. Unlike the last relationship, I've taken time to try and know this person, to see how true to their word they can be. But I'm still unsure of so many things.

Panda Rabbits - Panda Rabbits is a different story entirely, another person I thought I was close to, way before dating anybody online. One of the first friends I made even. They were almost always viewed as my "dream girl" with the few online relationships I've had, none of them were like panda rabbits. We could talk about things we couldn't talk about with others. We had this funny reason between us that when it rained it reminded us of the other and we'd randomly message each other. Sending each other songs or pictures of ourselves/our pets. She ended up moving last I heard, never know what happened after that, since we stopped talking after an incident on May 2014. But of all the friends on here (break ups, friends quitting, etc) her loss hurt the most. It's weird not typing her actual name or the nickname I gave her. Since panda rabbits is probably a user name on here.But I don't want to use any of these people's actual names lol... But, with Panda Rabbits.. I keep deleting my drafted messages to her. I'd be a hypocrite to contact her first. (Can't explain) So I'll keep waiting, even if nothing happens.

Bookworm Rocker - Now this person I can happily say I know in real. Sorry, it'd just be creepy as hell if each person on here was some internet person I've never met. I was close to her whole family, through meeting the elder brother. Ineed to visit them here soon, this one will be the most vague because I can't put into words how much I value them. I've heard one hell of an update when I gave BR a small update on what I've been through lately, and I don't like it. I'd drop anything if they gave the word. "Let's do this", "Get down here, and let's go save so-so from California". I'm just trying to word my reply carefully, I'll hit send on this one, most likely. But speaking without a filter is holding me back, I don't want to seem like I'm doing this on impulse. To them, that's not like me at all.

Already not liking this small entry, but it's honestly something on my mind that is bugging the hell out of me. Doesn't feel vague enough.

zOMG!'s End.
This game was a lot of fun to me. When I first joined this place it kept me signing on each day from then on. Made a few amazing friends from this game. Before the gaia market went all inflated, this game and farming PS was my main source of earning gold here. Playing with friends and meeting new people was a plus even. To this day I keep in touch with few of the people I met through that game. I always looked forward to seeing their new avatars in this game or just sitting at gold beach talking with them if we weren't crewing. At some point my internet sucked so I couldn't join as often and couldn't join one buddy and his friends when invited. I'd try for him, but sometimes the lag was too much or I couldn't get past the loading screen. This little entry could go on and on, but I remember near the end of 2013 I'd jump on zOMG and farm just for the fun of it. Most of my friends who played pretty much quit coming to this site daily. It sucks that near the end of the game, I was among the people who thought this game would return. I hope one day they give it another chance or figure something out. But now I kinda imagine this game lost a bit of people with this decision.