Okay so I guess this is my last entry so might as well make the best of it. As I said before in my previous entries, school will be starting for me soon (September 9th, to be exact) so I'll be pretty inactive on Gaia. Considering the fact that I have a bad habit on online gaming, my parents are giving me a limit to play only on Fridays and Saturdays (sometimes) and that results being offline for a while. Hopefully my parents won't make me quit because Gaia is like my second home, where I feel like I truly belong. Believe me, I don't know if I'm deemed "cool" in Gaia but my life isn't that perfect in the real world... Anyways, so yeah, just wanted to point straight out that I'll be inactive on Gaia. Also, I'll try to work on my WIP so stay tuned for that!