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My Little OC

Name: FireBolt
Nicknames: Stripes, Flame Head, & FireDolt (the last one's more of an insult)
Gender: Male
Species: Pegasus w/ a dash of Zebra
Parents: Yetua mother & Thunder Bolt father
Mate: *Aren't I kinda young for that?*

Physical Description: FireBolt is a strong flyer and makes a point to maintain a decent amount of muscle. Firebolt has a smooth brown coat just like his father. But he is also covered in red stripes much like his mother's black ones. His mane and tail are a dark red but slowly turn black at the roots.

Talent: Whenever he flies too quickly, Firebolt's fur bursts into flames, leaving a trail of fire in his path. The fire never hurts, but it makes it nearly impossible for him to help with weather duties like most pegasi. Instead FireBolt decided to learn firework making from his mom and got his cutie mark after accidentally setting off a batch of fire in mid-air. He wasn't hurt in the explosion, but he managed to dazzle the entire town with the amazing blast and has been making up new firework displays ever since.

Personality: When he isn't soaring through the sky, FireBolt usually prefers to keep to himself and doesn't speak too often. But he makes an effort to spend as much time as he can with people he cares about, and can easily hold a conversation when he's in the mood.

Bio: WIP