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i broke up with a girl about a week ago. she was never around and i was getting to suspicious to just let slide. but i dont know if i did the right thing. i went to her profile to see how she was, looked like she just didnt care.looked again the next day, now it seems like she was going to hurt herself or just was really sad. i was going to send a message, maybe say i was sorry and wrong but i saw some guy was flirting with her and guys flock to cheer her up. so maybe i shouldnt bother, she will forget me and move on fast im sure, like every girl before did. like i havnt from a few girls. i only tried to move on because i had to, they move on cuz i wasnt a big deal, least thats all i know, not like they're around to tell me otherwise. so my choice is to wait for maybe her to message me, which probably wont happen, or to suck up my own pride and say i am sorry and wrong.