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My Diary...sh!t...Journal.
Things I feel like writing, posting, etc. I may throw in my poetry every now and again.
The Crow: Wicked Prayer [My Review]

I saw a creature, he sat and he held his own heart in his hands, and he ate of it. I asked him, "Is it good friend?" He said, "It is bitter. Bitter. But I like it because it is bitter." And because it is my heart.

So I finished watching, for the first time, The Crow: Wicked Prayer. Now I wouldn't say it was terrible but some of the things in it did bug me. For example, the beginning of the movie to get to our "hero" of the story, Jimmy Cuervo, seemed to take forever. And all the bad guys were are all named in the beginning -- literally named -- their names popped up next to them and it said things like they wanted revenge etc. Why? It just really looked stupid to be honest it's like a old version of how things pop up in the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (I like that movie so I am not bagging it just trying to tell you what I am talking about).

Then I felt it was a slight copy to the original Crow movie when I heard this...

In times like these when our community is divided. It’s important to remember the old stories. We are told that when someone dies. The crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. Then sometimes, just sometimes. The crow can bring that soul back. To release it of it’s burned. To put the wrong things right. What gives the crow his strength? Not hatred, or bitterness, or anger. His strength is love.

At least change it up a bit like they did in the Crow: City of Angels...

Back to Jimmy Cuervo...
First off here we go again with the names -- Cuervo is the spanish word for crow.
So apparently he accidentally killed a "local football star" in a fight (because the guy tried to rape a girl) and was paroled after serving a prison sentence. He was an outcast for this -- called a killer etc. He is strange -- so when we do first see him he wakes up in this small living area he has with a scorpion on his chest. He picks up the scorpion and puts it in a bag in his fridge...

Yeah but anyway so this takes place in the polluted mining town of Lake Ravasu which sits on the Raven Aztec Reservation...

So Jimmy loves this Native American girl named Lilly, her brother is a policeman -- both her brother and father do not like this because of what Jimmy did (killed the guy I mentioned a bit ago). But they are both so in love they could care less what others think. And he had planned later that day to ask her to marry him...

So they don't completely explain what's going on with our main villain of the movie, (hey what's up Angel?) -- Luc Crash and Jimmy...

Anyways you know how this story goes -- Lilly and Jimmy are killed by Luc and his cult -- Lola Byrne (his girlfriend), War, and Famine. Lola cuts out Lilly's eyes and casts a spell to make her see things and Luc cuts out Jimmy's heart and Lola uses a spell so the heart is inside of Luc. So all of this magic was done so Luc could become Satan...

War and Famine are sent to put Lilly's and Jimmy's body in the dump and set them on fire, they stick them in a fridge and set it on fire. A bit later a crow comes along and "awakens" Jimmy. Jimmy takes Lilly's body back to her home -- he is "reborn" in the place they were killed. Lilly's brother finds her body at the house shouting, "Murderer!" He thinks that Jimmy killed her but he explains to him that he didn't through the visions of her death --showing the true killers.

Jimmy Cuervo
Jimmy Cuervo

So because they are on Native American territory basically everyone knows the legends etc. Jimmy kills War and Famine. After he kills Famine (Luc and Lola are there too) he tries to go after them. He is shot at and doesn't die until Lola mentions "the legend of the crow" and they attempt to kill the crow. They only injure it but it had enough effect to make Jimmy bleed. In the place they're in Famine was "getting revenge" before he was killed and began breaking things etc. In the place everyone was killed except a young boy Jimmy saved.

Skips toward the "boss battle" -- Luc is now Satan and they must "complete" the spell so it lasts for years but they (Lola & Satan (Luc)) must "complete" it before sunrise.
Jimmy gives the injured crow to Lilly's father who knows the crow dance -- which ends up being used to heal the crow, which goes on while he fights with Satan/Luc -- Jimmy was running out of energy/power to fight but when the crow was healed let's just say he kicked Satan's butt smilies/icon_smile.gif So in the end Luc/Satan dies, Lola is arrested, and the lovely reunited lovers of Jimmy and Lilly are together at last. The end.

Overall once you get past the begging (everything until we meet our hero) -- it's not too bad.

Final verdict -- The Crow: Wicked Prayer -- 6/10

Here's a plus if you don't believe me when I say it deserves at least a 6/10 -- it's 10x better than the Crow: Stock-foot... *cough cough* ...I mean Salvation. So hey that's saying something. However if you are a big fan of the original, like me, you won't thing this one is that great and you'd still prefer to watch the first and second one. But this is one of those "you may watch this movie every few years, maybe months/once in a long while" kind of movie.

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