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Not A Daily Journal - Legacy
[Insert old rock music here] I s2g.. this damn description.. can never think what to write here
List of things to do for September
I am behind in.. everything. This weekend I spent my whole three-day vacation playing Guild Wars 2 for hours. Leveled my person from 48 to 80. Hit the level cap for the first time in a game *celebration music*
This is the reason (and maaaany more) I am behind on ... well everything. Everything. I plan from here on out to devote alot of my time to GW2, but I need to keep up with everything I've done in the past. So I'm setting up a list of things [including a daily routine] of things to do in September.
Finish list of Anime's
- Dog and Scissors
- Senyuu 2
- Hakkenden 2
- Watamote
- Sunday Without God
- Silverspoon
- Yamishibai
- Shingeki No Kyojin
- Dangan Ronpa
Keep up with Youtubers specific letsplays
- Stephan plays Skyrim
- Stephan's vlogs
- Nico's Dangan Ronpa
- Whatever Chugga releases next
Play Guild Wars 2
- Run dungeons
- Get one set of exotic armor
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More or less this is how I envision my week:
Monday: Go to Programming club, watch Hakkenden, D&S, run dungeon
Tuseday: [Every other] Go to Anime, watch Watamote and Sunday without god, senyu, run dungeon and extra study
Wednesday: Go to video game club, youtube
Thursday: run dungeon and silver spoon
Friday: watch dangan ronpa, youtube, and run dungeon
Saturday: dungeon dungeon dungeon dungeon dungeon
Sunday: animu animu animu animu study

Lol yeah.. by Dungeon I mean getting exotic gear in GW2. Need to go watch DR now, have a great day
Hope I dont fail that AP Psy quiz tomorrow.. still dont have a text book lawl...

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